Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quincy Hotel ♥



I love staying in boutique hotels. They’re fun, they’re young, and most of them have free Wi-Fi when other hotels still charge trust funds for it.

And this package at Quincy seems too good to be true.

At SGD 3xx a night, you get to stay in a Studio Room with all-inclusive service – breakfast, lunch, cocktails and dinner on the house, minibar supplies replenished daily, two pieces of laundry per night, and airport pickup in a Wi-Fi-enabled Benz. Oooohhhh.

You also have free access to the…


IMG_1413Gym with top-of-the-line fitness equipment and multimedia stations


IMG_1414(Not that exercising really interests me)


IMG_1416Sauna and steam rooms with shower facility


IMG_1424And a glass-enclosed pool at the 12th floor, with a pool deck illuminated with
color-changing LED lights


But you know how they say that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is?

It’s sad that I have to say the same about Quincy.

The free WiFi-enabled Benz that picked me up from Orchard Hotel, its Wi-Fi doesn’t work. And Uncle Driver doesn’t have a clue why it doesn’t work either.

The all inclusive breakfast and dinner at the lobby restaurant is mediocre at best. So disappointing I decide to skip cocktails and lunch.

Although the room is nice and clean and well-equipped, the bathroom has little things flying around, and omits a drainage smell that is sour and bitter and strong. 


IMG_1351Studio Room with motorized black-out curtain


IMG_135342” LCD TV, writing desk, speakers, mini fridge




IMG_1360Coffee, tea, chips and noodles


IMG_1364Minibar items replenished daily, although I only like the water and soy bean milk.


IMG_1355Like all newer hotels, a see through bath


IMG_1371Looks clean from a distance


IMG_1373But upon closer inspection, I find mold and mildew in between tiles


IMG_1384I appreciate the nice, big sink though


IMG_1378And the Molton Brown toiletries


IMG_1392But really hate the bad drainage smell and these little insects


IMG_1394They’re just everywhere!


The hotel staff finally moves me to an insect-free and cleaner-smelling room after I nag and nag and nag.


Despite the boo-boos, here are a few things I like about the Quincy:


IMG_1188I love the beautiful sunshine pouring into the lobby


IMG_1190These eggshell chairs and leisure magazines


IMG_1192The two iMac stations in the lobby


IMG_1195The simple yet tastefully done reception


IMG_1197The chic hallway leading to the restrooms


IMG_1401And the comfy slippers, but not my weight.


Quincy Hotel: 22 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore. Tel: +65 6738 5888

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