Friday, December 17, 2010

Bugis Street and Albert Centre ♥ ♥ ♥

Contrary to what most of you think, I am quite thrifty.

True, I may be a food snob at times, but when it comes to clothes, shoes, and all the stuff girly girls love, I am a cheapo.

I will happily spend SGD250++ for a solo dinner, but refuse to pay SGD25 for a top.

Dirt cheap, I tell you.

Thank heavens for Bugis Street market, my favorite shopping place in Singapore.


IMG_1444I can spend days and days in this bargain heaven


IMG_1455But first, some power breakfast. “Welcome to Food street!” Yehey!


IMG_1460Look what I found. Pancakes, waffles and everything carbs, the perfect way to start the day!


IMG_1472I have a Durian Wafer, which is really just a folded cold waffle with a sorry smear of durian paste sandwiched in between. I finish it not because it’s good, but because I need the energy.


IMG_1538To shop!!! SGD10 tops, here I come!


Three hours later, I finally give in to my stomach’s whining and growling.

IMG_1523I head to Albert Centre across the street for my usual mutton curry fix


IMG_1522Yes, I eat at no-aircon, no-Visa/MasterCard establishments, too. Surprise!!!


IMG_1505I always go to Mohamed Jaleel Muslim Food, Stall #01-122


IMG_1516Their Mutton Curry Rice Set is delicious and filling


IMG_1508And Shathoon Drinks Corner, Stall #01-121


IMG_1512For the sweet and fragrant Teh Tarik. (Plus another cup to-go. Yup, that good)


IMG_1502And look what I see on the way back to the market. People lining up at Stall #01-41
for ice desserts. I suddenly feel the need to have some myself.


IMG_1489Ice Kacang. It is just alright. I like our local halo-halo much better.


IMG_1540Back to shopping! Bugis has some really nice stuff. The only challenge is getting those
nice stuff in my size. Ugh.


IMG_1535There’s also a fruit market at the back, and a fruit stand dedicated to selling durian.
I don’t know about you people, but I love the stinky fruit to pieces.


IMG_1529Off to Iggy’s for a nice dinner. Goodnight, Bugis. I’ll be back tomorrow!


Bugis Street: Hop onto the nearest SMRT train station and alight at Bugis Station. 
Tel: +65 6338 9513

Albert Centre: 271 Queen Street, Singapore

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