Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Candlenut Kitchen ♥

I used to clean his apartment back in Beijing. (Hoy Rad! Ganda ng maid mo ha!) This webbie-techie, graphic designer, beer drum, Horny Potter of a person by the name of Rad is a total mess.

Well, he used to be. But not anymore.

We meet again five years later, in the Orchard MRT station. He doesn’t see me and doesn’t hear my call because he is too busy eavesdropping on the cellphone conversation of the man next to him. Some things never change.

And boy, am I glad. Because even when he’s lost the beer belly (good job, Rad!), and now sports a handsome Philip Stein on his wrist (you rich kid, you!), he is still the same person I got to know in Beijing.

Funny. Down to earth. Simple. Real. Rad.

Just like Peranakan cuisine.

And because Chubby Hubby wrote many a good thing about Candlenut Kitchen, this is where we go for lunch.


IMG_0827Prawn crackers with belachan


IMG_0833Ngoh Hiang
A good balance of minced meat, prawns, sliced pork belly, black mushrooms and water chestnuts wrapped in crispy bean curd skin. Right away you know this is made from the heart. No scrimping, fresh ingredients. I find this quite nice.


IMG_0836Yeye’s Curry
This 4th generation curry, however, is a bit of a letdown. The chicken pieces are tender
but have not absorbed the white peppery flavor of the creamy coconut curry. 
This dish is in dire need of personality. 


IMG_0840Prawns Nanas
The spicy pineapple gravy is not spicy at all. Flavors are actually on the very mild side.
More sweet than hot.


The food is disappointing. But luckily, Rad knows me well and orders desserts.

And these two desserts save the meal.


IMG_0847Chendol Cream
Imagine the richest and creamiest coconut panna cotta covered in the caramel sweetness of gula melaka, topped with silky, bright green things that look nice but taste even better.
I can easily have 2 or 3 bowls of this.


IMG_0852Valrhona Choc Ganache
There is no way you can go wrong with rich chocolate cream and banana ice cream.
No way, I tell ya.


Thank you, Rad!!! Smile


Me with Rich Boy Rad


Candlenut Kitchen: 25 Neil Road, Singapore. Tel: +65 6226 2506

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