Monday, December 13, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, December 6-12, 2010

Look at what the effin maid did to my eye cream!!! The eye cream that I use ever so sparingly because just 0.5oz of it costs as much as a swanky dinner at Daniel. It was still 3/4 full after I used it this morning. And look how I found it tonight. 




So shut up if the skin around my eyes suddenly gets all dark, wrinkly and puffy. I cannot afford the thing and I will roundhouse kick whoever mentions anything not pleasant about the eyes.

The hormones are going berserk… PMS week so please. STAY. AWAY.


December 6, 12:42pm

IMG_3205Steamed besugo in light soy sauce, French beans, sautéed mushrooms, angulas, rice

IMG_3206Dragon fruit, apples, pear


December 7, 12:22pm

IMG_3281Chicken longganisa, pork chop, cauliflower, upo, baby clams and winter melon

IMG_3279Pomelo, dragon fruit, guava, apple, longan


December 8, 11:33am

IMG_3285Black grapes, guava, dragon fruit


December 9, 12:48pm

IMG_3414Chicken soup with rice, tofu, mushrooms and spinach

IMG_3415Apple, pomelo, guava, custard pineapple, dragon fruit


December 9, 8:43pm

IMG_3417Garden omelet, pan fried fish fillet, baby asparagus and mushrooms, sautéed spinach

IMG_3419Chocnut, chocnut, chocnut


December 10, 1:22pm

IMG_3423Herbed codfish, spinach, curry fish, chicken and pork adobo

IMG_3426Dragon fruit, pomelo, guava, pear, longan


December 11, 12:27pm

IMG_3494Milkfish belly, flat beans and mushrooms, egg fried rice

IMG_3498Oranges, pomelo, dragon fruit, guava, apple, banana

IMG_3515Nathaniel’s buko pandan. Thank you, Kim! Smile


December 12, 1:27pm

IMG_3609Ground pork with preserved vegetables, boiled bokchoy, rice

IMG_3612Orange, pomelo, apple, pear, dragon fruit

IMG_3613Chocolate truffle cake



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