Friday, October 22, 2010

Prime Rib Dinner at the Chua Residence

Tonight is the night of Nelson and Jessica’s wedding ceremony.

Tea has been served,


                                  received,                                                                          and drunk.


               Red pockets have been given,                                           well wishes spoken,


IMG_9954and family pictures taken.


Since the reception dinner is not until the next evening, the family has arranged a prime rib dinner at their home for friends and relatives. Talk about warm and delicious hospitality!

IMG_0041Double Happiness signs everywhere


IMG_0060 When you say prime rib, we say Sunning Restaurant!
The prime rib is tender, flavorful, and my favorite part – that strip of dark meat on the side – is filled with heavenly beef umami. Easily the star of the show.


IMG_0062 Sunning even sends over their own staff to carve the roast!


Other family favorites from Sunning:

IMG_0069Cream of Sharks Fin Soup and Borscht


IMG_0066Grilled Lamb Chops


And we have these homemade sides, too:

IMG_0067 Spring Rolls


IMG_0068 Spaghetti


IMG_0059Prawn Salad










                           Corn, Carrots, Peas                                                                Broccoli









                                   Fried rice                                                                        Buko Pandan 



When everyone else has gone home and retired to bed, the night owls stay behind to attend to some sessions.

IMG_0078Mahjong session


IMG_0082And drinking session!


Auntie Baby, Auntie PenPen, Auntie Juliet, Ninang Adi, Auntie Judy, Me, Achi Leslie,
and that’s Toby and Monica standing at the back

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