Friday, October 8, 2010

Nelson and Jessica’s Wedding Reception


A day after the Repulse Bay wedding ceremony, we all gather again at the Grand Hyatt for Nelson and Jessica’s wedding reception.


IMG_0120The hallway leading to the ballroom


IMG_0132The groom’s family – that’s us! Toby, Leslie, Jennifer, Auntie Judy, Auntie Josephine,
Auntie Baby, Me, Larissa, Little Sabrina, May, Monica, Jamie and Gilson


IMG_0168The head table


IMG_0156The centerpiece


IMG_0237The cake


IMG_0144 The ballroom




So you MUST forgive me for the bad food shots.


IMG_0182 Barbecued suckling pig


IMG_0187 Baked sea whelk stuffed with abalone, onion and pork


IMG_0191Sautéed fresh scallops with vegetables, wok-fried fresh prawns with pumpkin and spicy salt


IMG_0196 Braised twin vegetables with conpoy


IMG_0198 Braised bird’s nest soup with bamboo pith


IMG_0205 Braised sliced abalone with vegetables


IMG_0209 Steamed fresh garoupa


IMG_0214 Deep-fried crispy chicken


IMG_0220 Fried rice “Fujian” style


IMG_0225 Braised Inaniwa udon with crab meat


IMG_0234  Walnut cream with glutinous dumplings


IMG_0233Chinese petit fours


58547_470403183833_512563833_6575696_5102650_n Monica, the newlyweds Nelson and Jessica, Gilson, Jamie and Marcia


IMG_0162Everyone else


Grand Hyatt Hong Kong: 1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-2588-1234

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