Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hong Kong Emperor Seafood Restaurant ♥ ♥

We are at it again. Being so GI (Genuine Instik) and wearing too much red when there is a birthday.

Old dogs and new tricks, they just don’t jive.

We even take it a notch higher by celebrating at where else? A Chinese restaurant!

And the name? Hong Kong Emperor!

*Gong sound effects*



But hey, we are celebrating for not one, but two Chinese peoples here, so this GI act is somewhat justifiable.


IMG_9718Relax! This is not an MTR station and we are not in Hong Kong SAR. The restaurant is in MOA, and our “North Point” room offers stunning view of the beautiful Manila Bay.


IMG_9722It is simply breathtaking. That’s my dad capturing the magnificence.


And he just can’t get over how mesmerizing it is. DAD!!!!!!!


Front row: Me, Benjie, Jamie, Mom, Kim, Diane, Auntie Teresita, Uncle Bon
Back row: Dad, Jr, Jerwin


IMG_9738 Emperor BBQ Cuts Combination – can’t compare to Hong Kong’s but this is actually quite ok


IMG_9740 Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Chicken Strips


IMG_9749This is really just chicken strips in chicken soup. I don’t see and taste no sharks fin here, so easy on the hate comments, okay?


IMG_9745Steamed Prawns with Garlic – quite ordinary


IMG_9747 Braised Abalone with Mushroom and Conch – did they replace the conch with lettuce?
Yes, I think they did.


IMG_9751 Sorry, Peking Ducky!


IMG_9760 Beautiful, crisp, and glistening Ducky skins. Delicious!


IMG_9764What happened to the rest of Ducky - Minced Duck Meat with Lettuce Leaf  


IMG_9754Steamed Twin Lapu-Lapu – slightly overcooked


IMG_9758Hong Kong Famous Sautéed Crab with Pepper and Spices – overly fried and overly dry


IMG_9762 Birthday Noodles – too soft and soggy


IMG_9770Chilled Mango Sago – refreshing mango soup with sago pieces that need more thawing


IMG_9769 Coffee Jelly – strong coffee taste. Yum.


IMG_9774 Coconut Jelly – rich coconut flavors. I love it.


IMG_9792Buchi – served hot and fresh. Glutinous rice is soft and the filling not to sweet.


Big chocolate cake by Chocolat, assorted mini cakes by UCC
Cake arrangement by me! Hihihi!


IMG_9790Singing waiters and waitresses


IMG_9788 Happy Birthday, Kiddos!!!



On another occasion,

IMG_1704Abalone and Goose Web in Superior Sauce – rather average


IMG_1703 Black Pepper Beef on Sizzling Plate – I don’t like!


IMG_1706Hot Lapu Lapu Salad – sorry, but this tastes as fugly as it looks


IMG_9734I love the restaurant’s swanky chandeliers!


Hong Kong Emperor Seafood Restaurant: 2/F, Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Ocean Drive, Pasay, Philippines. Tel: +632-556-9520 to 22

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