Thursday, September 16, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, September 6-12, 2010

Currently working on my blog’s new look and it’s proving to be such a BIG, difficult task!

I know, I know, there are ready templates and widget codes that you can copy and paste, but you know, a computer moron is a computer moron.

But see, I’ve got “pages” now. Woohoo!

And I’ve compiled a list of my favorites. Ooooohhhh…

Have you even noticed?


Morons. =P


September 6, 1:15pm

IMG_9425 Shrimps, celery and mushrooms, garlic fish fillet, rice

IMG_9428 Mango, pomelo, melon, plum, dragon fruit


September 6, 7:28pm

IMG_9429 Chicken adobo, sautéed squash, boiled spinach and mushrooms, rice

IMG_9431 Pineapple


September 7, 12:22pm

IMG_9455Chicken pesto, sautéed herbed potatoes, black mushrooms, rice

IMG_9454 Dragon fruit, apple, kiwi, plum, pomelo


September 8, 12:23pm

IMG_9464 Chicken soup with mushrooms, radish, carrots, pechay and Chinese pechay

IMG_9467 Banana, pear, apple, plum, dragon fruit, kiwi

IMG_9469 Costa Brava Caramel Cake


September 9, 1:07pm

IMG_9537 Chicken tocino, omelet, eggplant hash, broccoli

IMG_9540 Dragon fruit, pomelo, kiwi, plum, guava, apple, pear, banana


September 9, 8:24pm

IMG_9542 Chicken curry, sautéed mushrooms and bell peppers, stir-fried baby choi sum

IMG_9543 Nathaniel’s Buko Pandan. Thank you, Auntie Teresita and Uncle Bon! :)


September 10, 12:25pm

IMG_9550Garlic milkfish belly, sweet and sour lapu-lapu, pork and beans

IMG_9549Melon, dragon fruit, plum, apple


September 11, 12:26pm

IMG_9660 Grilled bream, five spice beef, chayote with ginger, rice 

IMG_9663Peach, dragon fruit, pear, pomelo

IMG_9667Soybean milk


September 12, 11:29am

IMG_9711 “Happy Birthday, Jr” miswa

IMG_9714Orange, pomelo, pear, guava, dragon fruit, peach

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