Sunday, September 12, 2010

Makchang Korean Restaurant ♥ ♥ ♥

I am not sure I want to tell you about this restaurant. Sometimes I am just greedy like that. It’s such a small place and it fills up so quickly. I don’t want to have to wait for all of you to finish eating and drinking before I get seated.

I have no patience.

Good things just cannot wait.


I do not know how men manage to find these hole-in-the-wall places. Probably after a night of heavy hanky-pankying, when their wallets are drained and libidos satisfied (for the next 11 minutes at least), a different kind of hunger consumes them and leads them to the wonderful smell of meats grilling on hot charcoal. I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, Makchang is open until 4AM.

So how do I come to know of this place?

My e…

Umm… On second thought, I think I am going to keep it to myself. In the name of world peace. 

IMG_9630Makchang’s complete menu

IMG_9635Korean barbeque essentials, counterclockwise from top left: lettuce leaves, green chili, sesame oil with salt and pepper, barbeque sauce, fresh garlic, hot bean paste and, of course, a shot of Soju!

IMG_9644Fresh camote – eat it raw or eat it grilled, up to you.

Just a note. Unlike other Korean restaurants, Makchang does not give you the traditional banchan and the whole nine yards. It gives you 2 things only. And these 2 things are all you ever need.

IMG_9649Kimchi – as authentic as it gets

IMG_9633Green onions and bean sprouts tossed in sesame oil and chili powder –

IMG_9640Galbisal – this marinated beef short rib is very tasty. Not the best quality but the flavor 
more than makes up for it.

IMG_9645Beef Galbi – boneless and no-marinade version of the galbi

IMG_9656Samkyupsal – to get the best experience, grill the pork belly until crisp and a bit burnt on the edges.

IMG_9653This is how you do it
On a lettuce leaf, put mounds of that insanely delicious green onion-bean sprout mix, top with your meat of choice, fresh garlic and kimchi, then pause to admire the beauty of your creation, teasing and enticing your every sense. And only when the wait becomes too excruciating, roll it, dip it, and wrap your mouth around it, taking in as much of it as you can. Then chew ever so gently, appreciating every texture, every sweetness, tanginess, saltiness, spiciness. And then, swallow.


IMG_9652 Miso Soup – and when things get too hot, cool down with this delicious soup

Or with some Soju or some beer.

IMG_9658Ton, Donna, Me, Jaine

Makchang Korean Restaurant: 1812 Maria Orosa St., Malate, Manila City, Philippines

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