Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chocolat ♥


I am walking around Mall of Asia and suddenly I stop dead in my tracks.

Holy Moly! What is this I see?


IMG_4552A chiller display full chocolate cakes, calling out to me.



Tell me, what’s a fat girl gotta do?


I promise myself to choose only one.

One slice of cake.

And one cup of drink.


IMG_4563Death by Tablea – I wish I could say it is moist and good. But look at how dry. Pictures don’t lie.


IMG_4561Spanish Hot Chocolate – overly sweet. I add some hot water for diabetes prevention


I feel bad about wasting the very dry cake.

So I improvise.




Seriously, I think I am a genius.


Chocolat: Unit NP 115, G/F, North Parking Building, SM Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-556-0188

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