Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ginzadon Ӫ


“The food is so-so but they have HUGE ebi tempuras,” I promised.

And that is how we end up at Ginzadon.


IMG_4158Banchan on my first visit


IMG_8768Banchan on my second visit


IMG_4161Salmon Sashimi – not really the best quality but ok lah


IMG_4166Uni Sushi – uni is sweet but seaweed is already soggy


IMG_4167 Unagi Temaki – the rice is not sushi rice quality, and there is just too much of it. The eel is cold and dry.


IMG_4172Ama Ebi on my first visit – not too fresh but not too bad


IMG_8771Ama Ebi – not fresh and tastes a bit slimy. I wish the chef removed those tiny green eggs on the leftmost shrimp before serving it to us.


IMG_8777California Roll with Unagi – again, not sushi rice quality. Each roll breaks apart when I try to pick it up with my chopsticks. The unagi is cold and dry and hard.


IMG_8779 Look at the seaweed. It’s melting.


IMG_8781 Beef Teppanyaki – Hello, Batangas beef! Are you sure this is teppanyaki, not TAPA-nyaki?


IMG_8784Ebi Tempura – okay, they’re bigger than the usual, but not as HUGE as the ones from Lanai.


IMG_4175Green Tea Ice Cream – thank God they didn’t mess this up


Guess who I spy at the next table.

IMG_8786Yes, it’s THE Rajo!


Judging from the leftovers on his table, I would say either the cute top fashion designer of the country is on a diet or he doesn’t like the food that much either. 

A case of an “ok” restaurant turned bad.

What happened there, Ginzadon?


Ginzadon: 2/F, Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila, 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay City, Philippines. Tel: +632-836-6333

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