Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Korean Village ♥ ♥ ♥


We love Korean village.

We loved it then when it was still in its original Adriatico location. And we’re still loving it now that it has moved to its new location in Nakpil.

It is our go-to Korean place.

And these are our go-to Korean foods:

IMG_8800 Banchan (okra lacking in this photo)


IMG_8801 Chicken Bulgogi – because 3 out of 6 aunties can’t eat beef. And how awesome is that. Here at Korean Village, the chicken is way better than its more popular beef counterpart. Really tender dark meat chicken pieces marinated in sweet bulgogi sauce. How delicious? Last night we had 17 plates.


IMG_8803 Tip: To achieve that super delicious chicken bulgogi taste I am talking about, cook until chicken pieces are just a little bit burnt at the edges. Eat with rice or order some greens and roll it up with bean paste, garlic, kimchi, bean sprouts, rice, and whatever’s available on the table. It’s all about creativity.


IMG_8813Prawns – just to add some variety. These are just okay.


IMG_8809Pickled Cucumber – sweet and just a little spicy


IMG_8806 Japchae – not really the best


IMG_8808 Korean Beef Stew – tender beef pieces in sweet and delicious beef juices. Drizzle (or pour) the sauce on your rice. Or just dump the whole bowl of rice into the beef pot. You won’t regret it.


No need to go out and walk to the nearest Korean grocery for ice cream. Korean Village has a whole freezer of them. My two favorites are:

IMG_8823Yomamte Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bar


IMG_8824 Melon Flavored Ice Cream Bar


IMG_8820Our Korean Village Essentials: Auntie Sabeth, the one who does all the ordering, and Teresa, the one who does all the cooking


Korean Village: 566 J. Nakpil Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines.
Tel: +632-5244958

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