Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lanai by Peppermill Caterers ♥ ♥

As I walk in the gate of this Corinthian Gardens home, through the dimly lit hallway, the outdoor pond, the cozy dining area, then to the tastefully designed veranda where our table is, I know I have found in Lanai the perfect date place.

Homey yet elegant.

Relaxed yet romantic.


IMG_4185 Indoor dining area


IMG_4280Lanai dining area (it’s air-conditioned, too!)


IMG_4191Beautiful table setting 


But like there is no such thing as a perfect date, there is also no such thing as a perfect menu. There are hits, there are misses, and there are the in-betweens.

IMG_4212Amuse Bouche – An in-between


IMG_4215 Peppermill’s Signature Sushi Roll – An in-between


IMG_4221Baked US Scallops in Spicy Cream – A miss. The flavor of the cream is too strong it overpowers the delicate taste of the scallops.


IMG_4227 Shrimp Popcorn – A hit


IMG_4232Wild Mushroom Bisque with Chestnuts and Truffle Oil – A miss because it’s missing in mushroom and truffle flavors.


IMG_4233 Potato Leek Soup – An in-between


IMG_4236 Roasted Carrot Soup – An in-between


IMG_4240Napa Valley Salad – A hit


IMG_4238Wakame Salmon Salad – A bigger hit. A winner!


IMG_4246Jumbo Ebi Tempura with Japanese Fried Rice – An in-between for taste, a big hit for size. Lanai sure ain’t joking when they said jumbo.


IMG_4249Coq Au Vin with Garlic Parsley Rice – A big miss in both presentation and taste


IMG_4252Black Cod in Kelp Essence with Japanese Fried Rice – An in-between. The fish is cooked well but is lacking in flavor.


IMG_4256  US Wagyu Eye of Ribeye – Another in-between


IMG_4268 Surf & Turf: US Angus Medallion Salpicao and Norwegian Baked Salmon Encrusted in Sesame Nori with Garlic Parsley Rice – And another in-between


Dessert for me is like the goodnight kiss at the end of the night. Whether or not I enjoyed the talking, the smiling and the little bit of flirting, it is this long-awaited kiss at the end of the night, this sweet little kiss that will make or break.

And thankfully,

IMG_4276 Pannacotta with Fresh Fruits – a great kisser!


So, yes, I think there will be a second date.


IMG_4208With my family on Mother’s Day


Lanai by Peppermill Caterers: 19 Castrillo Street, Corinthian Gardens, Quezon City, Philippines. Tel: +632-6330329, +632-5020000

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