Sunday, February 14, 2016

La Brunilda ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

When I travel, I plan 90% of my eating itinerary (eatinerary as I like to call it) and leave one or two meals for random discoveries or recommendations from locals.

For my last dinner in Seville, I took the suggestion of my seatmate at Eslava - a nice man with protruding stomach (sign of good taste in food, lol) - and went to his favorite restaurant in the city, La Brunilda.

Blue door marks the spot

I arrived without reservations on a rainy evening and was lucky to score the last empty table 

English menu! Yay!

A glass of ribera del duero because I saw the word "beef" on the menu

But first, an incredibly delicious plate of tuna tataki on a bed of couscous.
To this day I've never had a better version and I dream about this dish once a month.

The server was not kidding when he said portions were huge. He did not allow me to order more than two tapas and he was right.

Grilled beef tenderloin with potatoes and thyme. 
This could be a sharing size in Asia, but I finished it all.

How could I not when every piece was this tender?

The waiter handed me this when I signaled for him. But I was asking for the dessert menu,
not the bill!!! Lol!

Moist and lovely carrot cake

I promise I didn't finish the whole slice :P

The best €18.90 I spent in Spain!

On my way out of the restaurant, I saw an Asian lady and started talking to her. Tessa was the first and only Asian I saw since I arrived in Seville and I found out she is also a Filipina! She asked me to join her for a second dinner. I said yes, of course! :)

Tender and tasty grilled octopus

Duck confit with spiced carrot cream 

Everything I tried at La Brunilda was so delicious and a cut above pretty much everything else I ate in Seville. Had I discovered it earlier during my trip I would have returned a second time and most probably a third time, too.

I highly recommend!

As for Tessa, we've kept in touch and managed to catch up over halo-halo when she visited
Manila during the holidays. Yay to new friendships born out of mutual love for food!

La Brunilda: Calle Galera, 5, 41002 Sevilla, SpainTel: +34 954 22 04 81

La Brunilda Website

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