Monday, January 11, 2016

Magnum White Almond Pairing

Over the holidays, I received a big, big box of sweet temptations.

The newest Magnum White Almond, coated with thick Belgian chocolate and speckled 
generously with almond slivers. 

You see, I didn't go anywhere for Christmas, but I had a lot of fun at home playing with my edible toys.

It's one of my most favorite things to do. Experimenting and then eating the subjects of my experiments. Remember what I did with my one year supply of Regent waffles? See post here.

I played with so many Magnum White Almond pairings, mostly with stuff from our fridge. A few tasted downright terrible, but I got three winner pairings and I thought I'd share them with you. :)

Magnum White Almond with Almond Butter
I love eating nut butters on its own, straight from the bottle, except Mom recently started buying
everything unsweetened. GrUeffllkk. If your mother starts doing the same to you, you 
know what to do - smother the boring thing on Magnum White Almond!

Truffle mushroom cream cheese spread that goes on crackers and into my stomach,
often during ungodly hours.

Now on Magnum. 
Rich, thick, smooth, creamy, earthy, sweet, crunchy, and cold! Yes, it works!!!

I also found the tub of homemade bagoong my good friend Dennis recently gave me 
and I. Just. Had. To.

OMG! We have a winner!!!
Magnum should totally come up with a white chocolate shrimp paste flavor (and thank me later) 

So many more Magnum pairing possibilities!

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