Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Regent Belgian Waffles


My friend Jen is the most generous. Even without any occasion, she would gift me with Regent goodies because she knows I love them. My favorite is the Cheese Rings which I grew up eating. The ube cupkeyk was also where I found comfort during the years I was based in ube-less Hong Kong. 



Look what she sent over to me just recently. Five packs of...




Yes, Regent now makes the European snack!




In each pack are 10 individual packets containing 2 pieces of waffle. It really makes a great
baon or snack for kids, but since I don't have any, then I have… let's see…



When The Mother was away on a vacation, I prepared my own meals using the waffles and ingredients I found in her fridge and pantry. You see, Mom loves preparing our meals and she also never lets us mess with the contents of her "safe," i.e., refrigerators, freezers, kitchen cabinets, etc, etc, etc… (see more here), so this was a very rare occasion for me and I truly enjoyed it!

Here's what I had from morning till night:



Waffles with Taiwanese pork floss and a sunny side up egg for breakfast




Japanese waffle sandwich with crabsticks, unagi and Kewpie mayo for lunch.
Not to blow my own horn, but this was really good! I made and ate a second waffle-wich. :P 




 For my "fruit box," waffles topped with strawberries, blackberries, and Nutella!
I would have added a mountain of whipped cream, too, but evil stuff (in Mom's eyes,
not mine) like cream, sodas, Spam, etc. are not allowed inside our house.





Note to self: Must show this to Mom for future reference




For dinner, I made my own version of the popular Fried Chicken & Waffles, but substituted chicken
with burger because I love beef more. I also threw in some bacon-flavored cheese for calcium,
and shiitake mushrooms because vegetables are good for you and me. And then I poured
Japanese curry sauce all over the pile. Sorry, I did a really bad job pouring, so no "after" photo.
I promise you it was a delicious brown mess.




To end my Japanese-inspired dinner, my favorite Dojo Dairy black sesame ice cream
with waffle sticks. I spooned ice cream on some of the sticks, and let the rest soak in the
melted nutty and creamy glory.



So yeah, I finished a whole pack of 20 belgian waffles in a day. Excited to eat and play with the next 80 packs! :)


Regent Foods Website

Regent Foods Facebook Page


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