Thursday, October 22, 2015

Madrid Atocha Train Station

It was a breeze going to Atocha Train Station from Madrid Airport. I boarded the airport express bus right outside the terminal, and after 5 euros and 30 minutes, I was already on the escalators going down to the station.

The lady behind me with black shawl over her head tried to reach into my pocket on the way down. I snapped at her and she backed off immediately. Be alert, you guys!

I was three hours early for my train to Seville so I decided to do a quick trip to San Gines for some churros con chocolate. (More on that in a separate post.) On my way to the lockers, this view greeted me.

Yes, there is a tropical garden in the middle of Atocha Station!
(If you do need to store your luggage, the lockers are located all the way to the end of this hall.)

With turtles, too!

Hundreds and hundreds of them! 
Turtles symbolize good luck, stability, and longevity, and it was a good omen
to see so many of them at the very start of my trip.

Of course, I needed to have a photo taken for posterity.  :)
It was, indeed, a very fun, fulfilling, eye-opening, unforgettable holiday for me. 
And no more sneaky ladies trying to steal from me.

The train ride on AVE was the smoothest ever. My cabin was quiet and the seats comfortable.

Complimentary earphones in case you wanted to listen to music

 I used the 2.5-hour ride to review my 10-page back-to-back itinerary 

And to just soak in the beautiful views of the Spanish countryside

Hola, Sevilla!!!

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