Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Qatar Airways Manila-Doha-Madrid ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Many of you have been requesting (some even demanding!) me to share my Spain trip here on the blog. Well, good news! I am finally doing it... after 6 months. Hahaha! Thank you so much for your unwavering patience! :P

As most of you know, this blog is really an online diary for me rather than a food and restaurant review site. I write about my meals with family and friends, my travels, random thoughts and musings, meals at home, new discoveries, things I love, things I believe most of you will also love, funnies, and really just anything under the sun. I may or may not go into detail, I may jump from one city to another, from last week's event to two years ago, depending on the mood I'm in. Please bear with me.

I will try my best to do the Spain posts as chronologically as possible, starting with the plane ride. Because every trip begins with getting on the aircraft, and because I love inflight meals.

It was my first time to fly Qatar Airways and I absolutely loved the experience.

Seats were wide enough and bottled water was within reach

Compartments to store your things. It was perfect for my phone, camera, and little snacks. 

 May be trivial, but I like the colors on the screen :)

 Toiletries by Giorgio Armani and Rituals

 Ample leg room

The menu is a la carte, meaning you can order any or all of the above
and have them any time you want during the flight

Lighter options available, too

 Amuse bouche

Bread and butter

Pimiento and roasted artichoke cream soup with mushrooms and asparagus

 Braised lamb with herbed potato, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, asparagus, and tomato oil

 Cheese platter

Seasonal fresh fruits and Godiva chocolates

 Well, the very attentive and generous flight attendant said I could have as many as I wanted! Lol!

While enjoying my chocolates, I watched a show featuring top Barcelona restaurants 

Seafood paella at Set Portes, which was included in my eat-inerary. Yay. 

 Tickets!!! One of the very first restaurants I booked for the trip.
This got me more and more excited, I had to force myself to sleep to contain my emotions. 

 The chair reclines all the way and I was in dreamland in no time

 Hello, Doha International Airport!

The world-class airport left me quite impressed. I wouldn't mind long layovers here, 
there is something to keep everyone busy

 Recreational area for children:

Apple playground for adults:

Shops and restaurants:

Bought these yummy dates to munch on during the next leg of the flight

After exploring the rest of the airport, I only had a little time left before boarding so I decided to wait for my return flight to check out the bigger business lounge. It was amazing, by the way. Wait for that post!

I went instead to the smaller lounge

 Which was still bigger than many of the lounges we have in NAIA

It was full house but everything was orderly

Food trays were always quickly replenished. A service staff was actually waiting for 
me to finish taking this photo so he could refill the empty spots.

Everything in this area was so delicious!!!

I know because I took a little of everything

And went back for seconds!

The most photographed subject in Doha Airport is this $6.8-million teddy bear installation by 
Urs Fischer. It used to be displayed in front of Seagram Building on Park Avenue in New York
until the sculpture was bought at an auction by a member of Qatar's royal family. 

I decided to sleep more and go easy on food during the flight from Doha to Madrid.

Mushroom and rice fritter with chili and garlic sauce

Bircher muesli

Laduree Vendome, a chocolate and blackberry tea mousse on dark chocolate biscuit
with blackberry confit. Who says you can't have excellent desserts in the plane?

Before landing, a last hurrah of chicken and potato rosti with sambhar, wilted spinach, 
baby corn, and coriander creme fraiche

Hello, Madrid!!!

Obviously, I had gained a few pounds already even before I reached my destination. 
And I am happy to announce that Qatar Airways is my new favorite airlines! 

Qatar Airways Website

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