Monday, October 19, 2015

Gaggan Cooking Demo at Gaggenau Kitchen

Cheryl Tiu and Gaggan Anand

When Cross Cultures brought Gaggan to Manila, it was not only for the sensational 15-course dinner collaboration with Chele Gonzalez of Gallery Vask (read about it here), but also to hold a cooking demo of a few of his most popular dishes.

The event was held at the Gaggenau Kitchen

With the early excited birds Alicia Sy, Cheryl Tiu, and Erwin Romulo

Gaggan was such a riot on stage. He entertained everyone not only with his techniques,
but also his funny jokes.

I am not going into details, but he made these white, egg-shaped pops using only
yogurt, water, and carrageenan.

"Yogurt Explosion"
According to Gaggan, you can make other "explosions" using the same method as long as
there is calcium and carrageenan in the mix.

"Nut Bag"
Crushed nuts in an edible plastic bag. The first time I had this at Gaggan Restaurant in Bangkok, 
I was too excited I tore open the bag and dumped the contents into my hungry mouth before the
server had a chance to explain. Lol. I ate the plastic after he left, but it was such a weird experience. 
So yay for second chances, the plastic actually tasted much better with the nuts! Hahaha!

The next dish was tempura coated in charcoal batter. Dip, fry, strain, repeat.


Inside was our local maya maya mixed with Indian spices. So tasty!

The last, but definitely the funnest to make, was the dessert. Gaggan combined cream and 
Philippine mangoes and injected the mixture into a party balloon, dipped the balloon in 
liquid nitrogen to freeze it, and carefully peeled off the rubber, and ta-da!!!

"Mango Snowball"

Enjoyed the demo with my studious seatmate Nicole Ortega, who was diligently taking down
 notes during class :)

Cyrene de la Rosa and Pepper Teehankee

So happy to see Gaggan again my eyes totally disappeared! Lol!

Congratulations to the Cross Cultures, Gaggan, Gallery Vask and Gaggenau teams
for a very fun and educational afternoon! 

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