Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ming Kee, Revisited ♥ ♥

Service was excruciatingly slooooowwwww on my second time at Ming Kee. 

Our first few dishes arrived relatively fast, but once the restaurant started to fill up, it took 20 minutes for our server to come back and inform us that the cereal prawn dish we ordered was not available. Hello???!!

We were already very lucky because people from the other table complained their food never came!

Apparently, something went wrong with Ming Kee's POS system that evening and the kitchen was not receiving the orders that were being punched in. 

Still, not an excuse, and worse, the manager seemed unapologetic, even advising us not to come during weekends because it can get crazy. What a considerate sweetheart! Lol. I guess she was replaced because I didn't see her on my third visit. Whew.

If you read my first post on Ming Kee, please add these next two dishes to the "must order" list:

1. Crispy Fish Skin - like eating chicharon but without the guilt

2. Beef Hofan - so tasty and almost as good as the ones in Hong Kong and Taiwan

We also had my other favorites:

Sambal Clams - as fresh, plump and juicy as I remember

Sambal Fried Rice - spicier this time. I need white rice with my fried rice.

Oyster Omelette

Ming Kee Homemade Tofu - this time served in a clay pot over fire 

You see, the only consistent thing at Ming Kee is inconsistency. Lol.

And the Crab Beehoon.

This will forever be the star at Ming Kee. I dream about going to the restaurant alone so I do
not have to share this baby with anyone else. One day soon it will be just you and me. ♥

I know I said in my last post to skip the suckling pig

After a second try, I say it again, and with much conviction this time. 

And the Honey BBQ Pork. This was a complimentary plate given to all tables that evening.
The meat was so tough it was like eating pork jerky. :P

Good thing Nicole brought this pack of american-style biscotti which we happily munched on
 while waiting for our dessert. It was sooooo buttery and heavenly and extremely addictive. 
Guess who brought home another pack? Thanks so much, Nicole! It was gone the same night! :D

The Lychee Pudding looked like a disaster but tasted quite lovely

Anyway, if you are in Ming Kee, look for this guy Ivan, the chef, co-owner and the
only one who seems to be able to make decisions. When we gave him feedback on the
super slow service, he whipped up a plate of cereal prawns for us almost immediately.

They were out of prawns so he used suahe for this one. We believe he used crushed barquillos
as cereal and it was delicious!

Good food, terrible service, but the company greatly made up for it. Always a riot with
these ladies - Nicole, Tippi, Ana, and the VERY demure and soft-spoken Angelette!

See my previous Ming Kee post here.

Ming Kee: 7852 Makati Avenue, Poblacion, Makati (Across Berjaya Hotel)
Tel: +632 893 4533

Ming Kee Website

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