Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ming Kee ♥ ♥ ♥

It's been ages since I blogged about a local restaurant. I've eaten in so many places old and new I don't know where to begin anymore. So I thought I'd just start by writing about this place I have frequented lately - three times of chinese food in 30 days is very uncommon for a person who is not the biggest fan of the cuisine = Me!

Although I've never come across it in my Singapore trips, Ming Kee is a franchise
 from the Lion City

It serves southern chinese cuisine and is most popular for its live seafood dishes

This greets you as you walk into the building. I find it rather unattractive, but it is
always good to see the kitchen clean and orderly.

You can climb the stairs or take this elevator up to the higher floors. 
There are four levels in total, the highest floor houses the private rooms.

Dining area

Booth seats overlooking Makati Avenue

Pickled fruits and veggies

Ming Kee uses tablets for order-taking. And look, they have a website, too! 

Disclaimer: We are a big group, hence the number of orders. (Just saying!)

To make life easy for you, I am going to file the dishes into three categories.


1. Crab Beehoon
Really, just trust me on this. If you are more than four people, order two.

2. Sambal Clams - the spicier the better

4. Sambal Kangkong - vegetables for a balanced meal

4. Sambal Fried Rice - carbs that are worth it


1. Roast Duck

2. Ming Kee Homemade Tofu

3. Oyster Omelette

4. Teocheow Style Garoupa - just make sure they do not overcook it like they did ours


1. Suckling Pig

Delicious in photos, but terribly lacking in flavor

2. Honey BBQ Pork

3. Teocheow Style Beancurd

I had this Yam Paste dessert twice in the last month. They served it like this the
first time and it was the weirdest-tasting thing ever. On my last visit, they prepared
it differently, mashing the taro over fire tableside, creating a thick, delicious paste. 
Taro lovers, make sure you ask them to do the same.

Last women standing

Ming Kee: 7852 Makati Avenue, Poblacion, Makati (Across Berjaya Hotel)
Tel: +632 893 4533

Ming Kee Website

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