Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cats and Clocks in Osaka


Sometimes I like to wander.

I know I am obsessive-compulsive when it comes to my travel itineraries, but once in a while, I welcome this thing called spontaneity. 

Like this late night in Osaka.

Feeling restless in the hotel room, I grabbed my jacket, hopped on the train, and got off at the most interesting-sounding station, absolutely clueless where it will take me.

It brought me to this underpass.



IMG 6979

I always feel safe walking alone in Japan, even at the eeriest time of the night.



IMG 6980




IMG 6981

Guessing this is a takoyaki shop



IMG 6983

It also brought me to this very local eatery. I wasn't able to get the name of the shop,
I don't think the shop even has a name, but if it did, it would probably be "Cats and Clocks"





IMG 6989

Clocks and cat photos on the wall



IMG 6997

More clocks and cats 



IMG 6990

Cat pins



IMG 7008




IMG 7003

 More clocks



IMG 7013

Another clock!!!



IMG 7002

Another cat!!! 



I think the owner is obsessed!!!

They have a few vintage items on display, too.


IMG 6992

Old typewriter 



IMG 7009

Old fan



IMG 7011

 Old sewing machine



IMG 7006

EEEEEP!!!! This doll creeped me out a little.



IMG 7014

 This girl, too. Lol. :P



IMG 7015

I love discovering local independent places like this.
It's like Cafe Juanita's long lost Japanese sister. 



IMG 6986

People from the neighborhood come here to drink 



IMG 6984

I came here to eat a little midnight snack



IMG 7016

Gotta love the drinks menu!



IMG 7018

Like I said earlier, I feel totally safe in Japan, even when commuting alone at the weirdest hours.
It also helps that the metro has cars exclusively for women.



IMG 7021

 Caught the very last train! Whew!



IMG 7022

 Another thing I love about Japan - vending machines everywhere!
These were at the Namba Station.



IMG 7033

My favorite buys: Japanese milk and coffee


IMG 1010

This girl can't go to bed without having her milk


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