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Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 Regional Lunches


Published on Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, April 30, 2015

Local heritage dishes of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao take center stage at Madrid Fusion Manila

After a month of overeating my way through different cities in Spain, I can say that I was the most excited for Madrid Fusion Manila. After all, it was the biggest culinary event in our country, the first in history. Michelin-starred chefs flew to Manila, shared and exchanged invaluable knowledge at the "International Gastronomy Congress," and, of course, checked out what the Philippines had to offer.

The world's eyes were on us. And my eyes were on… Pepita's Lechon! The suckling pig stuffed with chorizo and crab fat paella was the very first thing I attacked when I arrived at SMX. Oh, how I missed Filipino food!



Dedet dela Fuente, The Lechon Diva, with her Spanish-Manilena lechon




 Pepita's suckling pig with chorizo and crab fat paella


Luckily for me, Madrid Fusion Manila aimed not only to bring globally renowned chefs to our country but also to put our local heritage food and agricultural products on the international map. The Department of Agriculture (DA) spearheaded by Undersecretary Berna Romulo-Puyat organized a series of regional lunches during the three-day convention to showcase the very best of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The foreign chefs, who were present at the lunches, were undeniably impressed with what they saw, touched, smelled, and tasted.


So was I.



Department of Agriculture Undersecretary Berna Romulo-Puyat



The Luzon lunch curated by Angelo Comsti, author of From Our Table to Yours and The Filipino Cookbook and editor-in-chief of F&B Report magazine, featured delightful creations by chefs Miko Aspiras of Scout's Honor and Le Petit Souffle, Josh Boutwood of Bistro Group, Robby Goco of Cyma and Green Pastures, Myke Sarthou of Alab, Happy Ongpauco-Tiu of Pamana and Tsokolateria, and Mikel Zaguirre of Locavore.

(I tried my very best to eat every single dish presented but a few ran out before I could get to them, which explains why my photos are not complete. Sorry!)





Angelo Comsti, author of From Our Table to Yours and The Filipino Cookbook
and editor-in-chief of F&B Report magazine




Kinilaw by Robby Goco
Lemon oil snapper, tanigue, shrimp mi-cuit, crab claw, sorrel flowers, micro cucumber,
stevia leaf, green mango pearls, spiced vinegar jelly




Bringhe by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu
Violet Cordillera rice, spicy adobo, banana chips, alugbati flowers, coconut milk, turmeric,
glutinous rice, calamansi, nat a de coco, spiced pickled pinakbet 




Empanada by Myke Sarthou
Goat meat, vinegar, rice flour, raw green papaya, quail egg, fennel bulbs, onion, pork fat, annato 




Balut by Josh Boutwood
Duck, duck eggs, mugwort, tapioca, milk, garlic, shallots, vinegar 




Sinigang by Kei Zaguirre
Snapper, fish sauce, yellow miso, tamarind, pickled red radish, mustard greens, vinegar,
basil, tomato




Laing by Robby Goco
Taro-coconut ginger espuma, gabi leaves, crispy roast suckling pig, siling duwag, dilis dust 




Lechon Manok by Josh Boutwood
Native chicken, seaweed, sour cream, wood sorrel, dried fish, tuna roe, gotukola,
lemongrass, yellow pea flower 




Crispy Pata by Happy Onpauco-Tiu
Pork skin, pork leg, kesong putt, balsamic vinegar, garlic, chili, wansuy, pickled calamansi, brie




Sisig by Kel Zaguirre
Chicken liver, pickled peppers, green chili, foie gras, shallots, pork crackling




Leche Flan by Miko Aspiras
Pig's blood, edible flowers, passion fruit, orange, lemon, lime, lemongrass, pandan, mango,
cream, fresh milk, coconut water, pinipig




 Sapin-sapin by Miko Aspiras
Cacao nibs, local chocolate, peanuts, cashew, goat's milk powder, rice flour, coconut water




Manila Chocolate Truffles by Machiavelli Chocolatier




Cocktail Bar by Destileria Limtuaco and Olivia Limpe-Aw, the CEO of the 163-year old distillery




Larry Guevara's Fiesty Pinay Cocktail, a combination of vodka, Paradise mango rum, 
caramelized ampalaya, lemon juice, mango jam, tabasco sauce and salt air 




Kalel Demetrio and Destileria Limtuaco's newest products 




Kalel made me try so many of his creations! My favorite was the Spiced Dalandan cocktail.




But my ultimate favorite was the Intramuros, a chocolate liqueur that is perfect for
drinking on the rocks, for pouring over your coffee, hot chocolate or dessert!
I drank so many servings of this! Hick!!! :P




Look at how happy we all were




More happy tummies




Bravo, Luzon Team!!! 



JJ Yulo, founder of Pinoy Eats World and Just Jonesing, was in charge of the Visayas region. In his team were chefs JP Anglo of Sarsa, Fernando Aracama of Aracama, Pamela Cinco of Risa's Chocolates, Tony Boy Escalante of Antonio's, Margarita Fores of Cibo, Lusso and Grace Park, Enting Lobaton of Enting's Restaurant, Ariel Manuel of Lolo Dad's, and Sunshine Pengson of The Goose Station and Shine Bakery.




JJ Yulo, founder of Pinoy Eats World and Just Jonesing




Mang Enting has got to be my favorite person that day! He served a medley of kilawin 
presenting the local ceviche in its... 












And future forms. This one had scallops, sea urchin, tanigue, shrimp, tuna, seaweed and chili.




Another favorite, also of Mang Enting, was this roasted baby lamb from Negros Occidental




Barbacua Terrine by Ariel Manuel 
Slow cooked pulled oxtail terrine 




Silat Lumpiang Ubod by Tony Boy Escalante
Fresh heart of palm and chicharon spring roll




Chef JP making a bowl of batchoy for me




Batchoy by JP Anglo
Oxtail, kurobuta pork belly, offal noodle soup. Always hits the spot!




Lukos Adolo and Pili Croquetas by Fernando Aracama
Vinegar stewed squid with red rice croquetas



IMG 7337

Capiz Diwal by Margarita Fores
Grilled Capiz angel wing clams 
(Photo by Anton Diaz) 




Dinuguan at Puto by Tony Boy Escalante
Pork face blood stew with steamed native rice cakes




Alupi by Fernando Aracama
Steamed banana leaf wrapped cassava and coconut topped with caramelized coconut cream




A table full of sweets by Sunshine Pengson




Dulce Gatas Cookies by Sunshine Pengson




Mango Rum Empanaditas by Sunshine Pengson




Pamela Cinco of Risa Chocolates and husband Dexter




Moron by Pamela Cinco - suman mixed with chocolate from Leyte




80% Smoky dark chocolate with passion fruit




Piaya Bar by Fresh Start Organics




Artisan chocolates by The Chocolate Chamber (TCC)
Shameless plug: My sister serves TCC hot chocolate at her Tweedle Book Cafe.
My favorites are chocolate orange, chocolate salty caramel and dark chocolate. :)




TCC owner Raquel Choa




One of the best things about going to Madrid Fusion Manila was meeting people who share the
same passion - eating! Beside me is Singapore-based Evelyn Chen who I have been following
on instagram (@bibikgourmand) forever! What a delight to finally meet her in the flesh!




Evelyn interviewing Anton Diaz about the secret to his blogging success




The team behind Bono churning fresh gelato for everyone to try




Their newest flavor - Mango Ube Symphony. Mango gelato topped with homemade ube
halaya and rum-soaked mangoes




Look who is also a lover of Bono Gelato! Ces Drilon!




Team Visayas with Governor 




A more complete Team Visayas. Amazing job, guys! 



The Mindanao lunch was headed by the author of Eat Out Now and executive editor of Town & Country magazine Alicia Sy, who was joined by Jordy Navarra of Black Sheep, Tippi Tambunting of M Dining and Donosti, JAckie and Rolando Laudico of Chef Laudico and Guevarra's, Mark Tan of Allium, Bruce Ricketts of Mecha Uma, Carmina del Rosario of The Crazy Cook, and Juan Carlos de Terry of Terry's. Executive chef Noel dela Rama made sure everything went smoothly on all three days.

Bono Gelato, Carmen's Best, Coco Natura, Destileria Limtuaco, Don Papa Rum, EDSA Beverage Design Studio, Farmacy, Fog City Creamery, Fresh Start Organics, Holy Carabao, Luna Cafe, Machiavelli Chocolatier, Malagos Cheese, Malagos Chocolates, Niner Ichi Nana, Philippine Coffee Board, Sebastian's, The Butchery, The Chocolate Chamber, and Theo & Philo also set up booths to showcase their products. 



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Alicia Sy, author of Eat Out Now and executive editor of Town & Country magazine, 
with Yvette Fernandez from whom I grabbed this photo. Thanks, Yvette! 




Tuna Kilawin by Roland Laudico
Tuna loin, suwa, tabon tabon, sea urchin, lato, sili labuyo, roasted bell pepper, virgin coconut oil




Kinilaw of Kitayama Beef by Jordy Navarra
Kitayama beef from Bukidnon, tuna roe, biasing or kabayawa




Adlai and Cheese Bechamel Croquette by JC de Terry
Adlai, Malagos cheese 




Grilled Pineapple and Curacha Salad by Roland Laudico
Curacha, coconut milk, lemongrass, pineapple, crab roe, heirloom tomatoes,
Malagos goat cheese, cilantro, coconut spiced vinegar




Chicken Satti with Adlai by Tippi Tambunting
Adlai, chicken, tomatoes, coconut




Dirty Rice by Bruce Ricketts
Adlai, pig's blood, offal 




Kitayama Beef Brisket Kulma by Mark Tan
Mindanao braised beef dish with hints of curry and local spices




An Interpretation of Buntaa from Butuan by Jordy Navarra
Mudcrab meat and roe, buko, gata, ginger




Balbacua by Carmina del Rosario
A rich stew made with braised oxtails and shanks in ginger, ground peanuts, red peppers
and an assortment of spices and herbs from Davao




Endulsao Chavacano by Tippi Tambunting
Braised pork belly and pickled radish served over heirloom rice




Trio of Mindanao Fruits and Cheese by Jackie Laudico
Durian cheesecake, malagos chèvre gougeres with banana caramel and pepato crisps
with bignay jam 




Maja Blanca topped with Lambanog Vanilla Syrup by JC de Terry
Coconut, milk, lambanog 




Suman Panna Cotta by Jackie Laudico
Adlai cake, coconut cream panna cotta




Assorted Cheeses by Malagos Cheese 




Malagos Chocolate




Did you know that Malagos Chocolate won the bronze prize for Best Unflavored Drinking 
Chocolate in 2015 Academy of Chocolate competition in London? Congratulations, guys!!!   




Artisan Chocolates by Theo & Philo




Coco Sugar and Coco Jam by Coco Natura




With members of the Coco Natura family who are also the people behind Fog City Creamery
and my favorite Costa Brava cakes!




Cocktails by Erwan Heussaff of Niner Ichi Nana




EDSA Beverage Design Studio's Jericson Co and David Ong serving Davao Mount Apo
Cold Brew. 




Ana de Ocampo and Tippi Tambunting, the beauties and brains behind two of my favorite
restaurants in Manila - Wildflour and M Dining




We were treated to a traditional dance performance




Chef Lau and Yvette also joined in the fun




Congratulations, Team Mindanao!!!




More Team Mindanao, and of course, our very own Margarita Fores who continuously 
promotes Filipino cuisine to the world. Without Gaita, there will be no Madrid Fusion Manila.
And to DA Usec Berna Romulo-Puyat who never fails to give her full support and
always champions our local farmers.




To the Enderun volunteers who worked hard amidst pressure and harassment
(mostly from me and my camera), THANK YOU! Every one of you did an outstanding job.


After eating my way around Spain, trying out some of its best produce in the best restaurants, I came home to eat my way around the Philippines at the Madrid Fusion Manila regional lunches. All I can say is I am genuinely amazed at how much talent we have in our country and how rich our agriculture is.

I feel so proud.

It is time,

Philippine cuisine is ready to become a global sensation.


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