Sunday, January 5, 2014

The New Year


Sorry for the delay. My mind hasn't caught up yet. It's still stuck in November 2013. Maybe September, I don't know. I've stopped writing my journal since the beginning of last year and everything after that has been a blur. 

But 2013 is gone and this picture I took while watching the fireworks at Uncle Frank's rooftop garden is solid proof. 



Two thousand thirteen. Poof!!!



I am still quite unsure how the year disappeared just like that. Things happened too fast and all at once. I laughed, I cried, I forced smiles through tears, smiled from the bottom of my heart, sulked, and rejoiced. I learned that some good things, no matter how sure and perfect they felt at that time, are not meant to last. And worse, that a few bad decisions, like choosing the wrong partner, will make you miserable for life.

I met the kindest, most loving, most genuine people, along with the most selfish, most insecure and two-faced kind. It was a year of good and bad experiences, of failures and accomplishments, of life-changing moments and lessons. 

It was a year of travel, of quality time spent with family, with friends, and with myself.



IMG 1640

January in Cebu
Read about my first (and probably last, lol!) Sinulog experience here.



IMG 4099

February in Tagaytay




March in Shanghai, in a cast, too!




April in Taipei




May in Siem Reap




May in Bangkok




June in Bali




August in Hong Kong




September in Beijing




September in Hong Kong




October in Tagaytay




November in Hong Kong




December in Beijing



This 2014, I promise to start keeping a diary again and filling it up with more gratefulness than regret, more joy than sorrow, more hopefulness than negativity, more "I've done it" than "what ifs." I will pack my year with forgotten things from the past - words I forgot to say, love I forgot to show, people I took for granted. 

May the new year bring all of us answered prayers and happiness at a level we have never imagined!



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