Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sinulog 2013


I don't know how to describe my Sinulog experience. 

It was fun for maybe the first 60 minutes and then all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel, take a bath, take another bath, and then sip on a tall glass of ice cold coffee.

What I enjoyed: the vibrant colors, the beautiful people, the lavish costumes, Zubuchon.

What I did not enjoy: the unforgiving sun, the impossible crowd, the pushing and squeezing, going home with super dirty shoes, losing the Canon.


Photos from the better part of the day:


IMG 1626

My favorite float



IMG 1629

I don't know the two girls, but they wanted to be in the picture



IMG 1630



IMG 1632



IMG 1633



IMG 1634



IMG 1636



IMG 1638



IMG 1639



IMG 1644



IMG 1642



IMG 1640



IMG 1645



IMG 1648



IMG 1651



IMG 1652



IMG 1654



IMG 1655



IMG 1656



IMG 1662



IMG 1665

Manny P.



IMG 4426

Jin P.



IMG 1658

Feel the heat?



And finally, after going in circles, we arrived at the Cebu City Sports Complex.


IMG 1669

Because we were a bunch of slowpokes...



IMG 1691

By the time we got there, all seats were taken!



We stood under the shade, complained a lot, watched a bit of the program, got bored and decided to hit the streets again.


IMG 1673



IMG 1676



IMG 1678



IMG 1679



IMG 1681



IMG 1683



IMG 1684



IMG 1686



IMG 1693




Back in the streets fighting our way to a most-awaited lechon lunch…


IMG 1699



IMG 1701



IMG 1706



IMG 1709



IMG 1711



IMG 1715



IMG 1719



IMG 1722



IMG 1729



IMG 1730



IMG 1735



IMG 1739



IMG 1743



IMG 1721



IMG 4446



IMG 1745



IMG 1746



IMG 1752

People were climbing up the island to see the action on the other side of the road



IMG 1753

This boy was smarter. He just poked his head between all the legs.



IMG 1755

Mask party



IMG 1756

Costume rental



IMG 1759




IMG 1760

Scary henna



IMG 1761

This one I like!



IMG 1772

Dance number by Accenture



IMG 1764

What we had to snake our way through...



IMG 1823

To get to the "Best Pig… EVER!" Read about the feast here.



The worst ever part was after lunch when Achi Donna, Ton and I (aka "The Oldies") decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel.

I tell you, it's a trap. Once you're in, you'll NEVER get out!!!


IMG 1833



IMG 1835



IMG 1841



IMG 1843



IMG 1845



IMG 1852



IMG 1868

At one point the crowd got really out of control. People in front were not moving. People at the back
were pushing. People on my left and right were squeezing me left and right. I thought there was
gonna be a stampede and I was gonna die!!!



IMG 1854

To the man behind me: Wag ka naman sandal ng sandal, please, hindi ako pader!!!



IMG 1874

We decided to stop and take refuge at one of the shops along the road.
I asked the owners if I could stay inside their truck. 



IMG 1869

This was the view in front of me


 IMG 1862

Face painting



IMG 1871

 I watched the procession from inside my hideout



IMG 1893



IMG 1897



IMG 1899



IMG 1901



IMG 1902



IMG 1903



IMG 1904



IMG 1889

It may be a beat up old truck, but at that time it felt like the safest place in the world.
I am grateful.



18995 10151246811707309 1384475678 n

 Meanwhile, the younger cousins joined the fun at Baseline.



196270 10151246813672309 2140370113 n

There was a lot of paint smearing and alcohol guzzling.
I never felt luckier to be stuck in a truck. 



IMG 1908

 They came back to the hotel looking like this. I'd rather not post a picture of the missing cousin.

Sigh… kids nowadays… :P



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