Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Goose Station, A Tenth Time ♥ ♥ ♥



The girls have been hearing me rave about The Goose Station like forever and decided to
celebrate their joint birthday at my favorite restaurant in the city




These girls and I, we go a loooooooong way. You can say we're thisclose, like bread and butter.
So it's totally okay for me to make a little fun of them. :P 




This foie gras cone will always be my favorite. Light goose liver mousse topped
with port wine jelly, fig, and hazelnut. It is the most delicate and delicious 
little bouquet. I wish I'd get this over a bunch of roses on Valentines Day. :P




Tuna Tartare and Lychee Mojito




Caviar Parfait 
White asparagus flan, crab jelly, yuzu-uni sauce, crab, Avruga caviar.
Flavors of the sea made smooth and creamy.




Eggs Benedict 
Slow cooked egg, hollandaise foam, white truffle oil, bacon tuile 




Beet Garden
Textures of beet, carrots, coffee crumbs, goat cheese, asparagus sorbet.
It was too complicated for the girls and I died laughing (inside) at their obvious discomfort. :D
After moving bits and pieces around, they finally gave up and asked the server to take their
plates away. Lol! 




Roasted scallops, squash tortellini, coconut-curry foam, apricot, zucchini. 
The Goose goes Thai and I quite enjoyed the twist. 




Simplicity of a Good Steak
USDA top blade, smoked mashed potato, seared foie gras, garlic confit, haricot vert, light jus.
I miss the 24 Hour Steak!!! Wahhh!!!




Chocolate Caramel
Layers of chocolate, hazelnut dacquoise, caramel cream with passion fruit. 
I loved how the tang of the passion fruit cut through the richness of the chocolate. 
Although in all honesty, this chocolate addict needed no cutting through. Love.




While we girls were having our dessert, there was a wedding proposal happening to the lady
at the next table. The guy went down on his knees and the lady squealed and started bawling.
I was so afraid for the guy. But they were soon holding hands and smiling again. Whew. 
Why are other people's lives so exciting when the only excitement in ours is eavesdropping
on strangers who just toasted to a new beginning. Look at the priceless expression on
my friend Sheryl's face. 




 That's exactly how I feel for dark chocolate




With my girls Sheryl and Jen ♥
(Just before they asked the waiter to clear their plates.) 


The Goose Station: Ground Floor, W Tower, 39th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.
Tel: +63917-8546673, +632 556 9068

The Goose Station Website

The Goose Station Facebook Page

The Goose Station Instagram: @thegoosestation_mnl

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