Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Li Li at Hyatt, A Third Time ♥ ♥ ♥


We felt guilty leaving Mom and Dad while we all went off to play with snow last Christmas, so we celebrated early over lunch at Li Li. 



Li Li has been my restaurant of choice for "little snacks" or dimsum. And it really doesn't hurt
that they have this eat-all-you-can thing during lunch, because with an appetite as big as mine 
and snacks as little as my toe, I will go bankrupt even before I've had my fill. 




I ordered up a storm. 
Sorry, Hyatt Regency, now YOU'RE going bankrupt!!!




Aside from dimsum, there was also a buffet spread of noodles, congee, spring onion pancakes,
roasted meats and sushi 




 So I warmed up my bottomless pit with this while we waited for the bamboo baskets. 
Yes, that was a suckling pig sushi!!!


And then the baskets began arriving one after the other. I panicked and started eating with a vengeance.

After a while, all the dimsum started to taste the same. Lol! Please do NOT be like me. Eat one dumpling at a time and savor every bite.




Steamed dumpling with pork and eggplant in peanut chili




Xiao long bao - steamed pork dumplings Shanghai stye. MEH.




Har Gao - steamed shrimp and bamboo pith dumpling




Steamed fresh scallop dumpling




Steamed shrimp, dried seaweed roll, asparagus, fish roe



My favorites were:



Steamed chicken feet with abalone sauce




Deep fried taro dumpling with assorted seafood




Siomai - steamed pork and shrimp dumpling with quail egg




Steamed glutinous rice with assorted meats in lotus leaf




Baked barbecued pork puff pastry with apple



I also ordered a few of the hot dishes available in the eat-all-you-can menu.



Hot prawn salad - too much batter




Pig trotters with taro in bean curd sauce




 Pan fried egg bean curd with special meat sauce. I wish I was able to take a photo of the
innards to show you how soft and creamy the tofu was. OMG. I will come back to Li Li
just for this. 








Green tea tiramisu, mango pudding, egg tart and mango tart




Almond soup with sesame balls, steamed malay sponge cake.  


I was so sad they didn't have my favorite white chocolate masachi. :((((((((((



After lunch we had to carry our bellies to the airport


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Li Li: 5/F, Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino Manila, 1588 Pedro Gil corner M.H. del Pilar, Manila, Philiipines
Tel: +632 245 1234

Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino Website 


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