Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Masetto, A Third Time ♥ ♥



So I thought my third time at Masseto would be on a date. But NOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Sigh. Oh well. At least I could eat to my fat heart's content. :D




Chanterelles and black trumpets are specials at the moment.
First exciting news of the day. I love anything mushroom! 




It was the salted butter's fault that I finished every crumb of this warm bread




We each had an order of the Tagliolini, Chanterelles and Black Trumpets.
It was earthy and all that, but the serving was really small. I think I finished mine in 2 forkfuls.  




Watermelon sorbet to cleanse the palate




Tina had her favorite Buffalo Wings from the bar menu as her main course



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I had the Veal Chop Milanese with Arugula Salad




She skipped dessert while I had Chocolate Hazelnut Tart.
I wish it had more chocolate and hazelnut flavor in it.




And that is why Tina is thin and Jin is fat


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