Monday, March 8, 2010

Masseto ♥ ♥


After having missed the chance to dine with Chinkee at Masseto, then experiencing sharp pangs of jealousy each time I see her “dreaming about duck leg confit” status update on facebook, I know I have to make a trip to the restaurant before I go crazy.

A short exchange of SMS and we’re all set. 

IMG_1174 Salad, Anchovy and Garlic Dressing
The salad is just okay, not the best I’ve had. It feels like it’s lacking something. The Ooooomph Factor.

IMG_1176 Bacalao fritters, Aiolo
It is pure fish inside these golden nuggets. Hooray to no scrimping on ingredients! Can definitely use more flavor though.

IMG_1177 Crab Cakes, Red Pepper Sauce
The crab cakes, according to Chiz, are very crabby. Good crabby.

IMG_1178 Mango Sorbet
If you like Gina mango juice frozen and shaped into a ball, you’ll love this. I love it. Everyone loves it.

IMG_1183 Lamb Chops, Potato Gratin
Chiz complains that her lamb chops are hard, and that they are 40% fat. And seriously, what restaurant does not have mint jelly?

IMG_1184Tenderloin, Foie Gras, Potato Puree and Port Sauce
Jeff says the tenderloin is not bad, but the foie gras is not good.

IMG_1187 Sole, Brown Butter Lemon Sauce, French Beans
I think sole fillets are plain and boring, but our server recommends it and since there really isn’t much choice for seafood on the menu, Nelson orders this. Butter lemon sauce is the best friend and savior of all Plain Jane dishes. This one has just a tad too much lemon in it. Tsk. The French beans are excellent though.

IMG_1181 Crispy Duck Leg, Roasted Potatoes
The waiter has not yet set down the plate in front of me and I am already hating and wanting to punch myself in the face for ordering this. Chef Tippi Tambunting’s masterpiece, the dish every foodie in Manila is raving about, how can it look so dry and so… fugly??? I am so pissed. I start blaming and cursing myself inside my head. But not wanting to throw a tantrum in front of my friends and let them see the retard slash basket case that I really am,  I eat my food like an obedient child.

And WOW!!! <Insert fireworks here> One bite and I understand why Chinkee dreams about this. The meat is tender and flavorful and oh sooooooo good! The skin is crispy and fatty and oh sooooooo very goooooooood!!! I am humbled. And I surrender. My heart now belongs to a fugly crispy duck leg.

IMG_1191 Pan Seared Foie Gras
And a fine dining meal is not a fine dining meal if you do not have good foie gras. Sadly, Masseto’s is not. Not even warm when served to us, the goose liver is also not the rich and buttery kind that I like. And the salad dressing is just too sour.

IMG_1200 Warm Chocolate Cake, Honey Ice Cream
They say it is bitter. I say if we take out the burnt bits at the bottom, it is alright. I love chocolate and dark is my favorite. Keep away, sissies. Stick to the not-so-honey ice cream.

IMG_1202Chocolate Hazelnut Tart
The chocolate-hazelnut combination is always a sure win. The dollop of whipped cream balances the sweetness. It’s simple. It satisfies.

IMG_1204Butter and Sugar Crepe, Praline Ice Cream
Do not let the ordinary and uninspired name stop you from ordering this dessert crepe. It is so simple yet so amazingly delicious that Chiz declares she can have another piece if she isn’t already so full. As for me, no matter how full, I can easily polish off two more of this.
Or three.

Masseto:  114 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines.
+632-8103565, +632-3380929
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