Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sonya's Garden, Revisited ♥ ♥


Frances wanted to do something different for her 30th birthday, like take the whole Fatterside to Tagaytay for the weekend.

Surprisingly, all the oldies were up for the overnight trip. They were even more excited than us cousins!



Our first stop was Sonya's Garden for lunch




The place has expanded beyond my imagination (okay, that was a bit OA), but what started out
as a small "secret" garden has become a huge operation the whole country now knows about 




This chandelier ♥




Frances asked all the ladies to come in solid tops and printed bottoms. Because we were
going to a garden, almost all of us decided to come in floral prints.




Except for this one. Achi Donna announced that she bought a new pair
of pants especially for this event. And look, she picked camo print!!! :P




Fatterside aunties in pajamas. Hahaha! :D




The salad wasn't as exciting as before. The greens were not as fresh and there were no
more melon and jackfruit which I loved to pile on my veggies. :(
See my previous Sonya's Garden post here




I took all the arugula from the bowl. Mwahahaha!!!




And topped it with everything I liked: tomato, broad beans, egg, mango, broad beans, 
kesong puti, broad beans, and drizzled a generous amount of Sonya's secret dressing.
And added some broad beans again. I snubbed the cucumber and pineapple.
Had 3 plates of this. 




Pasta and dessert are now served buffet-style




Pasta and Salmon Belly




Chicken Cream with Mango Sauce (but there was no mango) and Tomato Sauce




Shiitake Mushrooms and Ratatouille




Banana Rolls with Sesame & Jackfruit and Glazed Sweet Potato




My pasta plate. I like to mix the sauces. Promise, I had one serving only.




Chocolate cake was forgettable




I always enjoy tarragon tea



I noticed people love to take couple photos around the restaurant and gardens. 



Like this random couple on the bench



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JR and Kim in front of the greenhouse 



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And Mom and Dad in front of the toilet. Lol! :D




I had no one. But this hunk of a man… PWEDE!!! ;)
(Walang kokontra, pinsan ko yan!) 


See my previous Sonya's Garden post here.

Sonya's Garden: Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines. Tel: +639175329097 or +639175335140

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