Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Premio ♥ ♥



Yay! Another restaurant embracing the farm-to-table dining movement!
I am all for supporting our local farmers and will eat repeatedly at all farm-to-table
concepts in Manila.  #hardcore #Lol! :D 




We were at Premio to celebrate Achi Donna's 20th birthday. She knew nothing about this whole
farm-to-table thing. We invited her so she could pay for dinner. :P




My favorite dish of the night was the Buffalo Chicken Wings. Cured and fried free-range chicken
wings tossed in homemade sweet and savory buffalo sauce resting on a puddle of creamy
goat's milk ranch dressing. So good we ordered a second serving! 




Kalabasa Soup - slow roasted spiced pumpkin, Premio double smoked bacon,
coconut cream, chives. There were too many flavors going in this bowl I didn't 
taste the pumpkin at all. :(




Adobao -  super tender pork belly sandwiched between super soft homemade siopao bread.
I really enjoyed stuffing my face with this.




Animal Fries - hand cut fries, caramelized onions, california dressing, melted cheswick
cheddar cheese. Mehhh.




Gambas Al Ajillo - plump and succulent




Lazy Braised Shortribs - I know it doesn't look it, but this 10-hour braised beef was fork tender
and went quite well with the soy-ginger glaze and homemade atsara




Crispy Pork Belly Kare Kare - crispy on the outside, soft and fatty inside.
The flavors of the homemade peanut sauce and bagoong puree were
a bit too subtle for me.




For an element of healthy, the kare-kare came with red rice pilaf




Dayap Prawns - the prawns were nicely grilled and all, but the combination of creamed
corn, mashed potato and dayap vinaigrette left my palate extremely disoriented.




Cabrito Burger - the roast goat kid patty tasted funky




 Spicy Beef Macaroni and Cheese - macaroni in four cheese sauce with crispy beef shortrib
deglazed in sriracha sauce, and baked with panko and smoked chicharon topping.
Sounded much more delicious than it tasted. 




Premio's wine selection wasn't much. Good thing we brought our own bottle.
Leyda Reserva Syrah 2010 

Plugging for my BIL: For your wine requirements, contact Artisan Cellars & Fine Foods
at 522-3920 to 27 or email :)




Flourless Chocolate Cake - made with 62% single origin dark chocolate served with homemade
vanilla sorbetes and peanut butter polvoron 




Saba Bread Pudding - I didn't even get to try this one. It was all gone by the time I finished
taking photos. The cousins assured me it was good.




Warm Brookies (brownie + cookie) and Toasted Marshmallows in pandan, hibiscus and ube.
Honestly, the marshmallows didn't taste like anything, but the hues were pretty.




I picked my favorite color to top on my brookie. It was diabetes in every bite. :$




Of course we also brought our own dessert baked by our cousin Nikko - a very pretty
Walnut-Crusted Caramel Cake, but not half as pretty as our birthday celebrant. Nuks!!!!! ;)




Happy 20th Birthday, Achi Donna!!! :)


Premio: Ground Floor, F1 Hotel, 32nd Street corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Tel: +632 869 7142, +639062311147

Premio Facebook Page


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