Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Marcia and Tony's Wedding Tea Ceremony


The family flew to Hong Kong for Marcia and Tony's post wedding celebrations. The couple got married in Guam a few months earlier.


IMG 9758

As always, a big tour bus was arranged to take us from the hotel to...



IMG 9797

Marcia's family residence



IMG 9760

My cousin Marcia, the youngest in her family, has always been a kid at heart.
This explains the furry objects attached to the bridal van. Lol! :) 



IMG 9761

Congratulations, not-so-newly weds! :D



IMG 9762

I caught them stealing some kissy kissy moments!



IMG 9769

Of course, in order to get ampaw (lucky money) from us, they needed to
feed our tummies first. And feed they did!



IMG 9777

The compulsory bowl of miswa for everybody. Miswa represents long life.



IMG 9794

Escargot tart



IMG 9793

Liver pate puffs



IMG 9784

Spring rolls



IMG 9785

Chicken wings



IMG 9786

Chicken curry



IMG 9792

Lamb chops



IMG 9781

Roast beef



IMG 9782

Pan fried fish



IMG 9783

Creamy broccoli and mushrooms



IMG 9778

Beef lasagna



IMG 9788

Baby potatoes



IMG 9779

Truffle fried rice



IMG 9774

Chrysanthemum and goji berry jelly



IMG 9776

Mango pudding



IMG 9773




IMG 9802

Happy bellies :)



IMG 9818

And then the tea ceremony began



IMG 9820

Achi Leslie and her lucky monies



IMG 9821

She gave the couple marriage advice



IMG 9823

Although it looked like she didn't really know what she was talking about



IMG 9825

Sige na nga, picture-taking nalang! Lol! :D



IMG 9827

Rach seemed a bit… um… hesitant to let go of her ampaw



IMG 9829

Family picture



IMG 9828

Of course we all had sweet tea soup with two eggs, two dates and two pieces winter melon so
Marcia and Tony will live happily together forever



IMG 9831

The single (and not-so-single) ladies waiting their turn. Diba, May? ;)))


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