Monday, February 18, 2013

Richard and Monica's Engagement Tea Ceremony


My cousin Monica's engagement to her fiancé Richard is celebrated with a traditional Chinese-style tea ceremony at her family's home in Hong Kong, followed by a dinner reception at Island Shangri-La. We flew in for the happy occasion. :)


IMG 7530

The house is turned into a Chinese wedding movie set with red carpet, double happiness
lanterns, and all the works 




The kids love watching and feeding the kois



IMG 7502

While the grown ups pose for a photo before the star of the show makes her vavavoom appearance



IMG 7504

And there she is, walking down the stairs… backwards!
That requires some major talent, you know!



IMG 7507

Monica still walking backwards because she is not yet allowed to see the groom



IMG 7518

She turns clockwise three times and enters the ceremonial room where the groom, his parents,
her parents, and the VIPs are waiting




And then, the gift-giving ceremony. They exchange watches, jewelry, flowers, etc. etc. 



IMG 7560

Other gifts from the groom's family include fabric, flowers, boxes of fruits in even numbers, eggs,
pomelos, hopia, candies, chocolates, and misua in red boxes among others 




Then the formal tea ceremony begins. The couple, kneeling down, serves tea to the groom's family,
and then the bride's family in order of seniority




The elders drink the tea...




And give red envelopes to the bride and groom



IMG 7546

And then picture taking time!



IMG 7537

 And then my favorite time... Eating time!!! :)



IMG 7570

Misua for long lasting relationship



IMG 7552

Sweet soup with two eggs, two pieces red dates, and two pieces winter melon
for a sweet life together



IMG 7568

Fruits. These are optional. Hee hee hee.



IMG 7571

Engagement giveaways



IMG 7554

Congratulations, Richard and Monica! :)



IMG 7572

Love the hair bling! :)


Richard and Monica's Engagement Dinner

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