Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ginza Bairin Ӫ


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Leslie travels to Hong Kong a lot and we often miss each other by days. Last December, for the first time in years, we got lucky. Yay! 

My flight arrived late and I rushed to Ginza Bairin from the airport, starving, to meet my equally hungry dinner date.


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Ginza Bairin is a Japanese franchise specializing in fried pork. I am not a big fan of deep fried
food, but late nights do crazy things to my cravings sometimes. 



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Of course, we sat where we had some privacy so no one could see the damage we can do
when stomachs are famished!



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Sesame, Wasabi, Tonkatsu Dressings



I was a bit sad there were no sesame seeds to grind.

We ordered 2 sets to share.


IMG 9736

Black Pork Rosu Katsu Set
The menu says, "After coating and breading the pork loin is masterfully deep fried in premium
cottonseed oil at 170°C until crispy and golden brown. For the long-established taste our Chefs
recommend the pork loin and shredded white cabbage with our Bairin proprietary katsu sauce
which was first produced by the founder in 1927." 



IMG 9744

Well, the pork loin was mostly fat lined with a little meat. It was extremely oily, too, that even when
doused heavily in the proprietary 86-year old recipe katsu sauce, it could not be salvaged. :(



IMG 9741

Assorted Seafood Katsu Set with prawns, oysters and fish fillets



IMG 9742

Also quite greasy



IMG 9747

The seafood set fared better, except the batter was really thick



IMG 9740

According to Leslie, the best thing she had was this side order of curry sauce.



As for me, it was the shredded cabbage. Therefore, I also ate Leslie's share. Lol! :)



IMG 9731

With Shoot First, Eat Later in Hong Kong, finally!!! :)


See Leslie's more detailed review here.

Ginza Bairin: Shop 24, Basement 1, K11 Mall, Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 3122 4128

Ginza Bairin Website

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