Monday, June 24, 2013

Stockton Place ♥ ♥ ♥





Stockton Place was almost full when I got there at exactly 7:28pm, two minutes before our call time for dinner.

Unfortunately, everyone else arrived 45 minutes earlier and started eating without me. (WT@$#%^&*?!?!?!!!)




The menu is short and simple. They ordered everything on the chalkboard, in true Fatterside fashion. 
(Hi Ryan! Hi Mario!)




They put aside this plate of leftovers for me: some Pan Roasted Steak Salad (EXCELLENT!!!),
2 pieces of Sweet Potato Tortellini (too peppery), and Clam Linguine with ONE STRAND of linguine.
Thank you very much, guys! 



They did not leave any trace of the Foie Gras Salad, Pear Rocket Salad, and Butternut Squash Soup.

I love you, too, my dearest cousins. :-$



2010 Sileni Cellar Selection Chardonnay




Tomato soup with parmesan foam, croutons and roasted cherry tomato.
Bright and creamy, the kind that grilled cheese sandwiches go goo goo ga ga for. I loved this!




Clam Linguine - a repeat order, because Achi Donna enjoyed the way the springy noodles
reminded her of instant ramen. (???) Simple but good enough.




Poached chicken with truffle mushroom duxelle, truffle mashed potato and crispy chicken skin.
I've never been a fan of chicken (except Savory Fried Chicken! Lol!) so this dish didn't appeal much
to me. The paper thin chicken skin was an amazing idea, but the part I bit into was overly salty.  




Sole poached with a lemon beurre blanc sauce and on a bed of sautéed vegetables.
I liked the crunchy bed of almonds and veggies. :)




Crispy pork belly with cherry pork sauce, onion puree, and pommery mashed potato.
Crisp skin and very, very tender meat.




Seared scallops with lime creme fraiche and caramelized tomato tart.
Wiped out the tomato tart even before the scallops. Yes, the tart was that good.




And the star of the show...
Sorry, but this handsome slab of meat and the awesome fried spuds deserve the all caps.  




Until now, 28 hours after, the sight of this still makes my stomach so excited I swear I am hearing
it scream in another octave saying, "Feed me this again! Feed me this againnnnnnnnnn!!!!!" 



For dessert, we asked our server for his top 3 recommendations.



Lemon parfait with vanilla emulsion, meringue and lemon curd.
This needed A LOT more punch. 




Chocolate Marquise with creme anglaise, almond tuile and fresh berries.
Now we're talking! These tablets made with dark chocolate, yolks and cream were in-your-face
and shamelessly rich. The answer to every serious chocolate lover's dream.  




Chocolate peanut caramel tart with caramel popcorn powder, peanut foam, and caramelized banana.
THE PEANUT FOAM!!! I could eat a whole bucket of it!




Thank you for the delicious dinner, Achi Donna! Well, minus the 3 dishes I didn't get to try. Lol! :P 


Stockton Place: 227 Salcedo Street corner Gamboa, Salcedo Village, Makati. Tel: +632 8449539, +63917-8561419


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