Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mamou Too, Revisited ♥ ♥

IMG 3035

Yes, Mamou is ALL ABOUT STEAK.

… and truffle pasta and bottarga pasta...

BUT my date tonight doesn't eat beef (thank God, it's just my cousin and not a real date!) so we ordered other equally evil eats.

IMG 3034
Bacon Chicharon - no explanation necessary

IMG 3036
Lorenzo's Truffle Cream - creamy and earthy, always a favorite!

IMG 3040
Lamb Chops - these were a bit tough and lacking in flavor :(

IMG 3039
Corn Pudding and Creamed Spinach

IMG 3041
My date who doesn't eat beef EXCEPT when it's kobe, wagyu, or topped with foie gras

IMG 3043
The pretty manager sent over a Key Lime Pie to make up for the lamb boo-boo.
This is another one of my Mamou favorites so yay! Thank you, MM! :)
I'm happy my date is the calorie-counting type who is afraid of whipped cream.
I figured since I didn't have any steak, I could afford to finish all that schlagsahne.
And I did. Bow. 

IMG 3031
Our orders were already sent in when we saw the list of new items.
90g of Wawa's Prime Rib doused in gravy, topped with 50g of pan seared
foie gras on buttered bun, with a choice of mashed potatoes or French fries 

AWW MAN!!!!!!!

Must come back.

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