Friday, March 29, 2013

Lumpia Nights, A Second Time ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Just showing you how we roll.

How we roll our lumpia. He he he.



Lumpia Elements
My Auntie Babie makes the best lumpia filling ever!




This is how I do mine. Heaps of lumpia filling, some strips of scrambled egg, lots of fresh
minced garlic, some dried seaweed, and a very generous sprinkling of peanut powder.
I don't scrimp. I want my lumpia fat like me! 




Hug it with lumpia wrapper snugly like you would a newborn baby




Look at my monster roll!




Isn't it the prettiest vegetable bouquet?
I use a sandwich bag to hold mine. Because I'm very burara when I eat. :P




For those who are not lumpia experts like me (bow!), we have our very own lumpia-rolling factory




After two heavy and burly rolls, I proceed to eat more sans the skin. Look at all that fresh garlic!
You better think twice before talking to me! 




The funnest people to eat lumpia with are my gwama and her sisters




Don't forget to drink am!




And eat ube ice cream! :)


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