Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lumpia Nights ♥ ♥ ♥

IMG_5634This is Jenny. She makes awesome lumpia filling.



IMG_5614  IMG_5619 
                            Lumpia Wrapper                                                              Chinese Lettuce


IMG_5623  IMG_5607
                       Jenny’s Lumpia Filling                                                         Scrambled Egg


IMG_5598  IMG_5602
                                   Seaweed                                                                            Fresh Garlic


IMG_5606  IMG_5612
                 Crushed Peanuts with Sugar                                                        Coriander



Ready, set, GO!!!

IMG_5626Pile it up, Baby!


IMG_5629I usually do it in this order: wrapper, lettuce, filling, seaweed, peanut, egg, garlic, coriander. There are no rules. Be your own boss.


IMG_5632Ooops. Too much filling = wrapper fail


Practice makes perfect so I roll a few more and eat away.

Fresh lumpia dinners. So healthy, so good.


I force myself to eat some dessert to balance the meal.

IMG_5593Big Scoop dark chocolate ice cream


IMG_5608Homemade dirty ice cream: Queso and Cookies & Cream

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