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Grace Park ♥





It is no secret I love Margarita Fores. I recommend her restaurant Lusso ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ to almost everybody I meet, and Cibo ♥ ♥  has always been one of my go-to places when I want quick but good meals. Her Cibo di M did a lovely dinner for Auntie Baby and Uncle Frank's Anniversary, and I personally chose them (feeling bride!) to cater for My Sister Jamie's wedding

I love Fiori di M, too. I think her flowers are a bit expensive, but you can't get more stylish and voguish arrangements anywhere else in Manila.

Naturally, I was very excited to eat at Grace Park. I've been waiting for it to open since April 2012. 

Everything in the restaurant was mismatched. The chairs, the plates, the cutleries, the glasses, even the servers' personalities.

Ours was really shy. He spoke to us in whispers. 




No item was alike, but everything came together beautifully




I love my setting




But I kinda love my date's more




I want to take home the kitchen doors




And these pepper mills




 Also these bricks!




The menu is suspended on a makeshift clipboard cut out from a corrugated box.
On the back it says "(Arrow sign) This side up." How cool is that?



Grace Park's concept is farm-to-table. It champions local farmers and uses local produce to create healthier and better quality food for the enjoyment of consumers.

But something might have gone wrong that night, because we couldn't enjoy our dinner even if we tried.




Barley, Smoked Ham and Farmer's Vegetables Soup - all we could taste was the oil!
We asked our shy server if it was really meant to taste that way, "walang lasa."
He mumbled a "yes."  OKAAAYYYYYYY. 




Mushroom Field with Asiago - another oily dish with no flavor. At this point I felt like barfing.
Or downing a tall glass of lemonade, or soft drink (which I don't normally drink), or even a bottle
of Heinz tomato ketchup!




 3-Cheese Meatballs - this was the lifesaver. The tomato sauce cut through the oiliness of the
first two courses. This wasn't an extraordinary dish, just good comfort food that hit the spot.




Organic Porkchop - ⅓ of the chop was fat. The lean part was sweet. The corn was my
favorite element of this dish.




We ordered the Key Lime Pie wanting something bold and sharp to awaken our palates
from the oil coma. This helped just a little. I wish for more tartness and a lot more kick.




I liked that it had walnuts embedded in the crust




The cutest coffee cup (in animal print! Lol!) 




Frances and I




Why did our neighbors have tomatoes with their entrees and we did not?









I heard Grace Park will change menus every so often. I'd give it another try after some time.

For now, it's four hearts for the place, and one for this meal.


Grace Park: One Rockwell, Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati. Tel: +63917-5138945, +632 843 7275 

Grace Park Facebook Page


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