Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant ♥


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I would eat at Watami quite often when I was still based in Hong Kong. It was one of the very few restaurants near our Clearwater Bay office. I would go there for quick lunches or quick dinners before shopping at my favorite place - the supermarket!

I was excited to see the casual Japanese restaurant finally open in Manila, but sad to discover that their menu is rather limited. I do not see my Watami Hong Kong favorites like soft shell crab salad, baked scallops, chicken tendons, and all the yummy matcha desserts.



IMG 2641

Deluxe Assorted Sushi (salmon, scallop, shrimp) - not bad



IMG 2644

Salmon and Flying Fish Roe in Stone Pot



IMG 2648

The salmon and roe disappeared after being mixed with rice. This was a boring pot. 
Zzzzz..… zzzzz…. 



IMG 2651

The Pork Rice with Egg Yolk in Stone Pot fared much better. The pork is tasty and sweet,
just like how most of us like it. 



IMG 2649

Tonpeiyaki - a Japanese omelette made with pork, cheese and cabbage.
Honestly, I could not taste anything except mustard and okonomiyaki sauce. 



IMG 2653

I did have fun playing Cooking Mama with these mini teppanyaki utensils



IMG 2663

Matcha Tiramisu - errr… not really!



IMG 2655

They're showing Jiro!!!



Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant: SM Mall of Asia, 2nd Level, Veranda Bayside, Pasay City. Tel: +632 836 7141

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant Facebook Page

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