Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Cousin Monica's Bachelorette Party


My cousin Monica is getting married really soon (like this Saturday already!), so we threw her a bachelorette party that is jungle-themed.

We played around with a lot of sexy ideas like Mouiln Rouge, French maids, Playboy bunnies, lingerie party, etc. etc. etc. but figured most of us (actually, just me!) are not sexy at all to pull them off. Lol!

So we decided to do jungle and come in not-so-sexy animal prints. 


Warning: If you are 30 years old and below, PLEASE EXIT NOW.


Our very talented cousin May did all the set up. Look how she transformed this drab of a room.


IMG 3455

Not bad, eh?
(For the many of you who asked, May is also the one who styled Tyler's Christening



IMG 3440

Animal print balloons and curtains



IMG 3451

Table and chairs



IMG 3459

Plastic cups



IMG 3436

May also prepared these headbands for us



IMG 3466

Nail stick-ons for the bride-to-be



IMG 3468




IMG 3471

And that's our Monica, who is usually in big tops and flip flops, all dolled up :)



The rest of us animals:





(Auntie Edna, I forgot to take your pic!)



IMG 3486

Our food was also prepared by May



IMG 3482

Salsa (this came with nachos)



IMG 3477

Chicken Lollipop



IMG 3478

DIY Burgers



IMG 3513

I love mine with cheese and salsa



IMG 3481

Chicken Mancini



IMG 3484

Creamy Fruit Salad 



And then the games. After all, girls just wanna have fun! :P


IMG 3518

First with clay (but I'd rather not show you what we did with them)



IMG 3528

Then with bananas



IMG 3529

Someone didn't know how to follow rules! Lol!



IMG 3540

"How Well Do You Know Your Groom"
My gosh, Monica had to drink A LOT! Hahaha! 



IMG 3543

Gift-giving time!
The bride-to-be got a few swimwear for her upcoming beach honeymoon,
robe, undies (non-edible and edible!)  ;)



IMG 3521

Fun fun night with aunties and cousins :)



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