Sunday, February 24, 2013

Modern Shanghai ♥ ♥


IMG 2307

Another Shanghainese restaurant means another xiao long bao player in the market



IMG 2306

We went on the third day. It was quiet and there were quite a few Cantonese chefs manning the kitchen.



IMG 2289

We ordered Pomegranate Punch (pomegranate, orange and lime),
but their water with carrot and mint was also refreshing :)



IMG 2284

Braised Gluten with Dried Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots and Black Fungus - this cold appetizer
was served to us warm. The waitress explained that it's because the kitchen just finished
cooking it. She offered to exchange it but came back after awhile to explain how this was 
impossible. So we had it warm. At least we know it's fresh. Lol. The gluten was not as
soft and tasty as it should be. My favorite is the one from Din Tai Fung



IMG 2283

Drunken Pork Knuckles - could use a little more shao xing wine



IMG 2298

Deep Fried Crispy River Eel - sweet and yummy to munch on



IMG 2285

Xiao Long Bao - not bad, but also nothing that will make you do cartwheels



IMG 2291

Pork Dumplings in Hot Chili Sauce



IMG 2286

Tung-Bor" Style Braised Pork Belly - the flavors did not penetrate into the meat



IMG 2292

Stewed Noodles with Salty Ham, Shrimp and Chicken - light and comforting



IMG 2290

Szechuan Noodles in Spicy Peanut Sauce - pretty good



IMG 2297

Hahaha! We're really not so Chinese after all :D



After dinner, we went down to Cafe Breton for our crepe and sugar fix.


IMG 4619

La Pinay, Le Magnifique, and Nutella


Modern Shanghai: 2nd Level, SM Mall of Asia, North Mall Parking Building, Pasay. Tel: +632 551 1110


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