Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spectrum Buffet at Fairmont Makati ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 1196



I am not really big on buffets.

I mean I am really big, yes, but I'm not big on big buffets.

I find the one at the new Fairmont Makati just about right. Not too big that it overwhelms me, but not too limited that it leaves me on the floor, throwing a tantrum. (I'm known to do that when hungry, yesssss.)

The spread at Spectrum is well thought of, with great focus on my four favorite stations at any buffet - sushi and sashimi, prime rib, pizzas (my choice of carbs), and desserts.



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Sushi Station 
They have everything you can ever think of... tempura roll, salmon cream cheese roll, spicy tuna roll,
lechon kawali roll, (insert any food here) roll. Whatever you want, they can "roll" it for you.
My favorite is the crunchy salmon skin roll.



IMG 4248

I also spotted peking duck sushi. OMG!



IMG 4247

Roast. Beef.
Enough said.



IMG 1204

Pizza Station
You can order the delicious thin crust pizzas fresh by the slice. If you're feeling creative, you have
the freedom to choose your own toppings, too. I love mine with heaps of prosciutto and a whole
garden of arugula.



IMG 1197

And of course, the most important station for me, The Dessert Station



IMG 1214

Those on the left are grilled mangoes on sticks!



IMG 1216

 I promise you will be awed



Probably the most unique (and therefore, the most photographed) station is where the bees are.


IMG 1206

Honey Station



IMG 1211

Yes, they're real and they're working hard to give you honey. I love honey! 



IMG 4246

Fresh honeycomb in milk chocolate cups



Of course, they also have salads, Chinese roasts, dim sum, noodles, pasta, Indian, seafoods, Filipino, etc. etc. etc. You have to come to experience it all. (Because I am not taking any more photos. I am gonna eat already!!!)


IMG 1198


IMG 1200


IMG 1203



The plates:

IMG 1218

Assorted rolls and salmon sashimi



IMG 1220

 Prawn tandoori, prime rib, suckling pig, braised beef



IMG 1224




IMG 1228

Lamb kebab



IMG 4255

Pre-dessert: Pot de Creme



IMG 1229

Main dessert. The mascarpone with pistachio and honey is my favorite.



IMG 4262

Post dessert: olive covered in white chocolate!



IMG 4250

Thank you, Teddy and Sanju, for letting me steal food from your plates! :)



Spectrum: Fairmont Makati, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City. Tel: +632 555 9888

Fairmont Makati Website

Fairmont Makati Facebook Page

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