Monday, June 27, 2011

My Cousin Donna’s Bridal Shower (XXX)



This is the first ever bridal shower in our family so we are all very eager and uber excited.

Okay, Ritchie had hers last year but it was in Hong Kong so we weren’t able to make elaborate plans other than dinner and drinks. (We can organize one in Manila again if you want, cuz! Winking smile)



We ask Cindy, Achi Donna’s best friend/twin sister/wedding coordinator and singer, to take her out in the afternoon so we can set up the place. We want the shower to be a surprise.


“Donna, Finally DeVIRGINized”


Cindy texts us they are 5 minutes away and we turn off the lights and rush to our hiding places. Some hide behind the sofa, some behind the door, the water dispenser, etc, etc.

And Ritchie, she hides behind the curtains. Ano baaaaa?!?!?


The aunties in their hiding place.
YES, the mothers are invited to the bridal shower!


And then she arrives.



Achi Donna says this is her first ever surprise party.

We all go “Awww..…” then our stomachs start growling and we start attacking the food.


                         Lumpiang Shanghai                                          Hungarian Sausage Pesto Pasta


                              Pancit Luglog                                                                    Pork Barbecue


               Sausage and Mushroom Pizza                                           Four Cheese Pizza


Cindy’s Chicken in Olive Oil and Garlic


Cindy’s Mushroom Truffle Pasta – SUPER DELICIOUS!


                                  Pichi-Pichi                                                                     Mini Bibingka


        Dimpy Camara’s Chocolate Cupcakes                         Gigi Gaerlan’s Custaroon Poppers


The Cake


262372_10150209477342293_718632292_7309495_6600457_nWe also have our favorite chips


And what fun is a bridal shower without some booze?
Ritchie, our in-house bartendress, fixes us margaritas.


260187_10150209478832293_718632292_7309509_3209229_nRitchie’s cheat sheet in her very own, very nice handwriting Smile with tongue out


We are the happiest when we’re eating


This is what happens when the oldies are present.
Bridal shower turns into a free medical clinic.


Then we start with the exciting part. The games!


Losers have to drink these shots


We group all the aunties and married women in pairs and hand each pair a bar of clay. They are to come up with the most creative sculpture in just 3 minutes.

The fun part is, the children will be judging their artwork. Open-mouthed smile


And these fugly-looking things are what they come up with! How naughty!!!
E.T., is that you?


Losers (orange team and purple team) drink up


For the next game, we ask the shyest and most demure cousins from each family to sit directly in front of their moms. They are to put as many condoms as possible on the banana… and this is the best part… using their mouths!


Guess who wins? The bride-to-be, at 3 condoms in just 18 seconds! Hahaha!


In between all the games and activities, we have Truth or Dare moments when we ask
Achi Donna to answer VERY personal questions and perform VERY embarrassing actions. If she does not want to, she has to drink. So she drinks, and she drinks, and she drinks!


Then we ask all the married women to write down and share with the bride-to-be their
most valuable advice on marriage, motherhood and family life.


From Auntie Pacita: Always put perfume when going to bed. Wear sexy nighties,
never wear lousy duster. Nge!!!


From the sexy sister Ritchie: Always finish first before him!!!
I love it!!!


Achi Donna reads each one out loud and almost dies from too much laughter


The sexy sister makes a mean Tequila Sunrise


Then the opening of presents…

                Lacy undies                         KY Jelly & Summer’s Eve                        Lacy thongs


           Granny boxers set                            Kinky lingerie                       And from Auntie Sabeth…


Gold Chinese couple display! Hehehe!
Don’t forget to put it behind your headboard for a long-lasting marriage filled with gold!


Looking forward to our family’s next bridal shower. Can someone, anyone, please get married already???


The next morning, I get a text from Achi Donna.

“Leche, tae ko color blue!”

Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile

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