Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Genki Tonkotsu Ramen ♥ ♥ ♥


Even before all this ramen craze began, this humble, low-profile shop along Macapagal has been serving good tonkotsu ramen.


IMG 9743

Genki Tonkotsu Ramen



The menu is simple with four kinds of ramen made with special sauce and pork bone broth that is boiled for over three-fourths of a day.

It also has the usual ramen appetizer pairings like:


IMG 9730




IMG 9732




We tried three of the four ramen varieties - shio (salt), shoyu (soy), and pirikara (spicy). Skipped the Yasai Ramen because, well, vegetables are boring! :P

We ordered everything "special," which means every bowl came with chasiu, negi, nori, kikurage, and aji tamago.

The Japanese-style eggs were perfectly done, with yolks thick, runny and gooey.

And the tonkotsu broth did taste like what the menu promised it to be - boiled for over 18 hours.

It was creamy, porky, sticky, velvety.



IMG 9726

Shio Tonkotsu Ramen Special



IMG 9727

Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen Special



I didn't quite like the spicy variant. It tasted so Chinese.


IMG 9731

Pirikara Ramen Special



So I guess it was not really a surprise to see that Genki also has a few Chinese dishes in their menu like siomai, shrimp siomai, spring rolls, etc. etc.

We thought it was funny, but couldn't resist an order of...


IMG 4600

Tofu with Minced Meat and Chili Sauce



IMG 4602

And everyone's childhood fantasy, Sweet and Sour Pork :P



I am gonna train and go back for this:


IMG 9742

2.5 kilos of ramen in 25 minutes



IMG 9740

This guy did it in 10 minutes 38 seconds



IMG 4604

 Ima beat you soon, Mister. Watch and weep.


Genki Tonkotsu Ramen: Hobbies of Asia, PX06 Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay. Tel: +632 552 2698

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