Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wrong Ramen ♥ ♥


Who wouldn't wanna try a ramen place called...


IMG 3714




Whose toilet is called...

 IMG 3686



And whose walls speak only the truth...


IMG 3687

(Hee hee, joke lang! I'm the antithesis of hot.) :P



IMG 3710

The place is really tiny...



IMG 3712

But they have these removable dividers so you can enjoy (or not enjoy) some privacy
from your noodle-slurping neighbors



IMG 3693

Ramen condiments. Check out the super cute salt and pepper shakers!



I really wanted to try the F.U. Ramen which has black pepper spam, three strips of crispy bacon, melted cheese and a crispy fried egg (EVIL!!!), but my date tonight is health-conscious to the highest OCD level and is allergic to melted cheese.

Well, what can I say… I went to the Wrong Ramen with the Wrong Person.

So we ended up ordering these three things to share:


IMG 3702

Enoki Mushroom Fries
I couldn't taste the mushrooms, but these fried little things were pretty nice to munch on 



IMG 3697

Wrong Ramen Tonkotsu (Rich)
The broth was a bit too salty, it was rich but lacked depth of flavor.
The chasiu could be more tender. 



IMG 3700

A.A. (Almost Authentic) Tsukemen
Now this one I enjoyed. The noodles were lightly coated in nutty sesame oil and
they're bouncy and chewy the way I like them. The dipping broth was the sour and 
slightly sweet kind that makes you want to keep dipping and dipping



IMG 3709

After the noodles were all gone, I dipped my enoki fries in the addicting broth



IMG 3708

My Wrong Date who didn't wanna order the evil ramen options



IMG 3691

The Japanese guy who would probably be a better date.
Time to remove the removable divider… :P



Wrong Ramen: Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Tel: +632 823 8249

Wrong Ramen Facebook Page

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