Saturday, February 9, 2013

Where To Get Your Tikoy This Year


IMG 2480

The Tikoy Booth at Manila Hotel



What I look forward to every Chinese New Year is ube tikoy.

Just because I love the color. :)

I'd rather not tell you how much of the purple thing I've eaten in the last five days (I now look like Barney - in color and in shape!), but I do have a new favorite this year...



IMG 2475

Manila Hotel's Almond Tikoy
So soft, so smooth, and not so sweet 
(Besides, I do want to start looking like a mermaid rather than a singing dinosaur :P)



IMG 2474

There's also a Chinese ingot-shaped tikoy made with red dates, goji berries, and nuts



IMG 2463

A tikoy gift set looks like this



IMG 2460

Doesn't hurt that it comes in an oh so pretty box!



The Manila Hotel: One Rizal Park, Manila. Tel: +632 527 0011

The Manila Hotel Website

The Manila Hotel Facebook Page

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