Friday, February 15, 2013

Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner 2013


IMG 3066

Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner this year was at my A-ma's house.
Last year's was at Savory. See post here



IMG 3068

I've always been fascinated with my late Angkong's collection of lighters



These are just some of them:

IMG 3070


IMG 3071


IMG 3072


IMG 3075


IMG 3073


IMG 3077


IMG 3078



And the room I am least fascinated with is this:

IMG 3105

The gym. UGH.



We had some home-cooked food and some takeout food for dinner...


IMG 3050

Super fresh steamed suahe. I think I ate a whole plate of this!



IMG 3053

Rellenong Bangus



IMG 3052

Pork Chop Strips



IMG 3054

Garlic Pancit Canton



IMG 3056

Fried Chicken



IMG 3098

Pork Barbecue



IMG 3048




IMG 3057




IMG 3055

Pancit Palabok



IMG 3100




IMG 3060

Pichi Pichi



IMG 3063

Leche Flan



IMG 3064

Ang my current addiction, Everyday Mom's Cafe Mocha Cake :)



IMG 3097

The kids




The kids at heart :)



And since it's Chinese New Year, let me share with you a few photos of my Angkong with personalities from Chinese history...






Can you guess who they are? :)

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