Friday, February 15, 2013

Chinese New Year Dinner 2013


IMG 3138

We thought all 30-something of us wouldn't fit in Auntie Kiddie's dining room, but with our
suck-in-our-breaths, try-to-project-thinness skills and talents, it was a success!



IMG 3111

Achi Donna's first attempt at decorating the table. Not bad, eh? :)



IMG 3133

 The main event was this "lucky soup" that Uncle Frank personally cooked for all of us.
It's got lucky ingredients like "huat chai" - the hairlike thing that represents wealth and prosperity,
abalone for abundance, scallops for gold/wealth, duck for fertility, lotus seeds for male offsprings,
chicken, mushrooms, etc, etc. This was really rich and tasty that after I finished my bowl,
my stomach felt overly abundant already!



IMG 3119

Eight Treasures Chicken from Mabuhay Palace



IMG 3126

Steamed Lapu Lapu topped with Pork, Bamboo Shoots and Scallions



IMG 3124

Sotanghon Guisado



IMG 3112

Homemade Siomai



IMG 3121

Chicken and Pork Satay



IMG 3128

Green Chicken Curry



IMG 3114

Bagoong Rice



IMG 3116

Pad Thai



IMG 3130

Thai Coconut Pudding with Corn



IMG 3127

Taiwan Almond Cakes



IMG 3142

Korean Ice Cream



IMG 3144

Buko Pandan with Cheese



IMG 3135

Fresh OJ



IMG 3141

Frances gave out packs of M&M's so our 2013 will be sweet and chocolatey



IMG 3147

And Gwama gave out ampaw to the house help so their 2013 will be happy and lucky :)


How did your family celebrate Chinese New Year? :)

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