Saturday, November 24, 2012

Takano Fruit Parlour ♥ ♥

IMG 7500
 If you are a lover of fruits, the flagship store of Takano in Shinjuku is your ultimate mecca. 
Its three levels contain the most perfect, unblemished fruits in Tokyo.

IMG 7501
Basement 1 displays all the packaged fruits. This side has the biggest and roundest of them all.
Perfect gifts for grandparents and parents-in-law. :)

IMG 7503
And these japanese strawberries (my favorite!) are the perfect gift for me! :)

IMG 7509
A whole corner dedicated to Japanese musk melon

IMG 7505
You can choose your own fruits to box. Fruit wrapping is serious business here.

IMG 7584
Basement 2 is a gallery of the prettiest fruit cakes, fruit tarts, and other fruity creations

IMG 7577
Fruit partaaaayyyyy!

IMG 7588
Jams, juices and wines

IMG 7590
Jellies made with real fruit juice

IMG 7559

 On the 5th floor is a cafe where you can enjoy different kinds of fruits and fruity desserts

IMG 7566
 There's a buffet section, too, but since we were saving space for dinner at Kyubey (see post here),
we ordered light from the a la carte menu 

IMG 7527

 It wasn't very hard to choose what I wanted. My favorite strawberries were in season. Yay!!! :)

IMG 7526

How about a Fresh Fruits Clubhouse? 

IMG 7540

 We shared a plate of Japanese Musk Melon which was super fragrant and sweet

IMG 7547
And ta-da!!! My bowl of Strawberries and Cream!

IMG 7549
There was a scoop of strawberry sorbet hiding at the back

IMG 7553
Fresh Melon Shake and Fresh Pineapple Shake

My heart still belongs to chocolates, but I guess for now this will do :)

Takano Fruit Parlour: 3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 東京都新宿区新宿3-26-11.
Tel: +81 3 5368-5147

Takano Fruit Parlour Website

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